Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

The fastest verified tapping speed is currently 70 Words per Minute (WPM), which is almost six taps per second with one hand. The average tapper who completes 20 days of TapAcademy can tap at 35 WPM, which is close to the national average speed for touch-typists.

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Highlights of Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Use Tap to input standing up, sitting down, slouching or even laying flat, Free Your Eyes and Stay in the Action
  • Use your Tap to input text on your computer, phone, tablet and SmartTV’s.
  • Tap works on hard & soft surfaces, you can use a desk, table, chair, arms, legs and more.
  • Kids LOVE tapping, and they learn to do it really fast.
  • Prevent kids from developing neck, back and shoulder pains associated with conventional keyboards.
  • Tap pairs with their favorite devices – Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s, Laptops, Console & SmartTV’s.

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