UpTrak Height Adjustable Desk

Are you tired of sitting hours in front of your computer while working? And want to change your work habits? Then this UpTrak height adjustable desk will be a great addition to your workplace. The desk has adjustable height, therefore, it allows you with the option of either sit and work or stands and work, the choice is yours.

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Highlights of UpTrak Height Adjustable Desk

Sitting long hours in similar postures have incredible side effects on the human body, for example:

  • Sitting and working long hours in a bad posture can lead to back, neck and joints pain. It can further result in improper body alignments and in the long run, it will have a negative effect on your spinal cord as well.
  • It also affects the blood circulation of the body, the circulation in the lower limb and pelvis are most severely affected.
  • Sitting excessively will also result in the accumulation of fat around the waist area. This fat can lead to heart problems and in some cases may even result in heart attack
  • An adequate amount of oxygen is very necessary for your physical and mental health. Lungs play a very important part in this regard as its function is to purify the blood. Lung’s performance degrades significantly due to poor blood circulation while sitting.
  • Sitting long hours can also result in digestive problems and eye strain.

Hence it is very necessary to change your postures to avoid all these problems. The best alternative is to stand and work. There are many benefits associated with it, for example:

  • It will result in reducing back, neck and joints pain.
  • You will burn a lot of calories just by standing as compared to sitting.
  • You will need not to worry about your belly fat again.
  • Good blood circulation will result in better overall health.

UpTrak is a blessing in disguise; easy to use clips allow a seamless glide from standing to sitting. Simply place it on your desk and adjust it to your height and you are ready to stand. The UpTrak will support up to 25 lbs of weight, accommodating any laptop or 1 monitor plus a keyboard and a mouse. The easy to use support rod adds extra stability.

So, by having UpTrak you can have all the benefits of standing at work. If you want to improve your physical as well as mental health and you also want to increase your productivity at work then this desk is a must for you. This can also be a cool gift for your co-workers. Also, check our amazing collections of office items.


  • Great health benefits
  • Award-winning design
  • Small footprints
  • Regular dimensions
  • Durable structure
  • Portable


  • Care should be taken while lowering or raising the desktop
  • Rather complex assembly instructions

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