Top 15 Best Irish Coffee Glasses in 2021

Irish coffee is universally hailed as one of those rare combinations of drinks, where two disparate ingredients (caffeine and alcohol) surprisingly well come together. If you’re hoping for a warm morning nudge of caffeine or looking forward to a cozy post-dinner treat, a serving of the good old Irish coffee will never disappoint you.

One of the main components of the aforementioned drink is Irish coffee glasses, besides of course coffee, Irish whiskey, and cream. Drinkware made of clear glass with a curved handle and usually a base that elevates the beverage off the surface. Those glasses are an important part of the traditional Irish coffee’s signature look. And although they are primarily used to serve Irish coffee, their application is by no means restricted to it; they can be used to smoothies and juices for all sorts of potions, from teas and hot chocolates.

These glasses are also a great addition to your selection of glassware, and should preferably be found in every modern kitchen. If you’re looking for the perfect Irish coffee glass to make a statement while feeding your guests and loved ones with drinks, don’t worry; we’ve protected you with our range of the most curated choices on the market. So sit back and read on and peruse through our list of the best Irish coffee glasses to help you decide.

Bormioli Rocco Glass Coffee Mug Set

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This iconic Bormioli Rocco Glass Coffee Mug is designed and crafted exclusively from the finest tempered glass in Spain, which is also free from lead. Featuring a timeless yet stylish classic design, this glass is the perfect choice for hot and cold drinks alike. The ergonomic handle makes the use very easy while the weighted bottom ensures maximum stability. In addition, the handle is always cool to touch, so you can handle your hot drinks safely without worrying about scalding your hands.

Another spectacular feature of the glass is that it is resistant to thermal shock, and therefore safe for microwaves. This can be particularly useful if you are the make-coffee-but-gets-too-busy-in-work-to-drink-it-until-it ‘s s-cold person; just put the glass in the microwave, heat up, and enjoy your drink without a second thought. These glasses are 4.25′′ x 3.25′′, can contain up to 320 ml of fluid and fit the standard coffee machines with ease.

Because of all the above features and also because of its wide application, this coffee mug is our best option; if you’re having some friends over for tea, hosting a formal lunch or dinner, or just feel like unwinding after a long day with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite book, this mug is the perfect choice for any occasion. It can be washed easily by hand but is also suitable for placement in the dishwasher. These glasses can be a great addition to your kitchen or make the perfect present for all those coffee lovers, available in a moderately priced pack of 6 mugs.

Eparé Retro Coffee Mugs

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A household name with the highest standards in kitchenware and culinary accessories, Eparé has created these elegantly simple yet incredibly durable Retro Coffee Mugs which offer great value for your money. The most striking characteristic of these mugs is that they are made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, which is largely responsible for the outstanding qualities they possess. It makes the glass lighter and easier to hold which adds to the drinking pleasure. At the same time, it gives the glass excellent durability, making it light yet strong. The double-walled glass provides extra insulation, so no matter how hot your beverage is, the outside stays at room temperature and you don’t have to hold the glass from the handle. The double-walled glass on top of it all gives the magical illusion that the liquid is floating in the cup; how cool is that!

Such coffee mugs have a generous 12-ounce capacity and are 3.6′′ tall and 5.3′′ long. We come packaged in a package of 2, so you can enjoy a cup of piping hot coffee over some juicy gossip with your best friend; it also works equally well for sharing a drink with your partner while relaxing at home. These glasses are resistant to scratches and breakages, making them ideal for daily use. Without any questions, they can be put in the microwave and dishwasher, and remain fine even in the freezer. And the best part, you don’t even have to place coasters beneath them, as the insulated glass is resistant to condensation.

JoyJolt Declan Irish Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups

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In terms of design and functionality, JoyJolt Declan Irish Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups add an artful twist to the traditional Irish coffee glasses. These glasses are made from lead-free, hand-blown borosilicate glass which adds to the product ‘s usefulness while the beautiful design amplifies the visual appeal. The double-walled glass keeps the mugs cool, keeping a steady temperature on the outside of the vessel regardless of the liquid temperature. The glasses are suitable for both hot and cold drinks and can withstand temperatures as high as Fahrenheit 350 degrees.

These glasses depict the ultimate style, with a super smooth finish and a crystal clear look. Therefore, they can certainly be a classy addition to your home, or to any restaurant, bar, or office. The kit contains two glasses of a whopping 15 ounce capacity in a vibrantly decorated, printed box that is also an excellent gift for newly wedded parties, housewarming parties, and anniversary celebrations. These glasses are safe in the dishwasher and microwave ovens, and can even be stored safely in the freezer, due to their exceptionally durable qualities. So if you want to own coffee glasses which are not only a pleasure to look at but also of premium quality, just open the above-mentioned link and order away without worry!

BTäT- Coffee Mug, Coffee Glass, Set of 4

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This set of 4 Irish coffee glasses is a very practical and pocket-friendly choice since it combines high quality with affordable price. In addition, the BTaT-Set of 4 Double Wall Glass Coffee Cups boasts an exquisite design; whether you’re looking for a hot drink such as tea, coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, Americano or a cold drink such as juice, smoothie or iced tea, the attractive design of the glasses makes all your drinks look irresistible while keeping them hot or chilled. The double-walled glass used to make these mugs means that the liquid remains at the desired temperature and can easily be drunk while the exterior surface stays cold.

This set of mugs has made our list of the best Irish coffee glasses as it is ideal for serving Irish coffee, with the clear glass placing on tasteful display all of the intricate layers of the coffee-making having Irish coffee a gratifying and unique experience. The collection is delivered in a very stylish printed box, making it the ideal gift for coffee lovers all over Ireland. The glasses are safe for microwave use, can be cleaned easily in the dishwasher, and are resistant to scratches and condensation. The 12-ounce liquid holding capacity means you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, and then go for a refill if you still need more caffeine boost.

Libbey 10.5-ounce Irish Coffee Mug

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Upon upholding its tradition of supplying the most delicate quality glassware, Libbey presents these beautiful Irish coffee glasses as part of its growing cooking. With a classic style, Libbey 10.5 Ounce Irish Coffee Mugs are a solid base that lifts the liquid off the surface and a sturdy curved handle close to the top that emanates quick access and ease of use. These mugs, made in the United States of America, use a glass of only the top-notch quality, which is dense and rough.

Libbey makes sure you can get the best product and service from manufacturing to delivery. And so these glasses are available in sets of 4 mugs that are tightly packed in special brown boxes to cover these delicate beauties to the fullest extent possible. The glasses have a broad mouth and are able to hold up to 10.5 ounces of liquid. Simply place the glass in the dishwasher for trouble-free cleaning after you’re done with your coffee. You can also safely put the coffee glass in the microwave oven to reheat your beverage. Order this set of Irish coffee glasses today, and be assured you made a wise choice. For more stylish options like this, check out our guide to the best wine glasses.

Anchor Hocking 8-oz Irish Coffee Mugs

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Anchor Hocking has been a household name in the kitchen and home goods industry since 1905. These are among their extensive list of bestsellers made from thick glass that exhibits crystalline clarity. Measuring 4.02′′ in length, 2.93′′ in width and 5.25′′ in height, they ‘re just the right size for all your hot and cold beverages respectively. In these cups, a warm cup of the namesake drink will be just as soothing and pleasant as serving cold, solid beer. The mugs can accommodate up to 8 ounces of liquid.

Perhaps the most impressive detail of this Irish coffee mug is its austere simplicity; the design is simple yet elegant and suits every occasion and atmosphere well. The strong base with etchings supports the glass in a regal way, while the robust handle provides an outstanding grip when drinking your favorite beverage. These are suitable for use in both the dishwasher and microwave and the thick glass acts as extra protection against shattering. Selling at an affordable price in a pack of 12 glasses, these mugs are without doubt one of the best deals on the market.

Libbey 8054 6 oz. Georgian Irish Coffee Glass

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In our kitchens, we all have that room where we store the special items; that separate cabinet for the formal dinner collection, that extra drawer for the elegant cutlery, that shelf corner for the finest glassware. The Georgian Irish coffee glass from Libbey is the perfect addition to that unique collection. This exquisite Irish coffee glass represents tastefully blended pure class with maximum effectiveness. The style consisting of an ornate stem and pedestal foot with a flared bowl catches your attention immediately and makes you covet. But what really makes it a keeper is its longevity, owing to the outstanding nature of the glass used to make it.

The glass size is 6 ounces, and the top diameter is 2 7/8′′ while the bottom width is 2 3/4′′ with 5 3/4′′ height. For all formal occasions these glasses will be used to show drinks to all your favorite guests. The beautiful glass shape adds visual oomph to all your beverages and is perfect for an Irish coffee and other dessert drinks. The shipment contains a package of 4 glasses, but that’s not all; a treat in the form of Amber Fleur De Lis party picks awaits customers inside each box. What a hit, Ok! They ‘re making a great housewarming gift too.

Vikko 13 Ounce Clear Glass Coffee Mugs

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This large coffee mugs from the Aroma series at Vikko are the ideal choice for daily use. The thick and strong glass gives the mug extended-lasting properties, and with extra care or protection you don’t have to worry about handling. The mug is literally as robust as it appears! The glass will keep your tea or coffee hot for longer too. The shape and form are very realistic and built with your everyday needs in mind. The broad base ensures the glass stays secure on tabletops, and the curved lip makes consumption easier. In addition, the glass has a tremendous capacity of 13 ounces so you can treat yourself to a generous aid of your favorite regular drink.

Vikko 13 Ounce Clear Glass Coffee Mugs can be placed in the dishwasher or microwave for quick nuking of your hot drink for safe cleaning. They can be ordered on Amazon; they come in a 6-glass box so you can enjoy the daily coffee routine with your whole family. What’s more, the adequate capacity of the glass makes room for all your favorite toppings without spilling over your cocktail, so go wild anyway! You may also be interested in our list of some of the best shot glasses so check them out.

Luigi Bormioli Double Walled Irish Coffee Mugs

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This Luigi Bormioli Double Walled Irish Coffee Mug comes into being when tradition combines effortlessly with modernity; while the design might remain close to that of the classic Irish coffee glass, this mug is much more than just that. These glasses are designed in Italy and manufactured in China and are crafted in compliance with the exceptional Luigi Bormioli standards. The double-walled borosilicate glass gives the mugs fantastic insulation, thus making them resistant to thermal shock. This quality of course makes them suitable for all hot and cold drinks.

The double-wall feature gives these mugs excellence, as the vacuum space between the two walls not only provides heat resistance but also prevents condensation on the outside surface. So no matter how hot your drink is, you can keep your glass from the base or wrap your hands around it for extended periods, but for added convenience there is a perfectly usable handle. The kit consists of 2 glasses each with a capacity of 8.5 ounces, and the glass is perfect for the microwave as well as a dishwasher.

8 Ounce Clear Glass Irish Coffee Mug Set of 4

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For most of us, coffee is a daily necessity; whether it’s a ritual, a conversation starter, or the much-needed break from the monotony of everyday routine we look forward to, we all prefer our coffee served right. And when it comes to coffee let’s face it, there are no compromises. The optimum temperature, the desired strength, the chosen additional ingredients and the right vessel make coffee an experience we can savor. These Irish Coffee Mugs made from clear glass for full elegance are a step in the right direction for the perfect coffee when it comes to our journey.

Such mugs are a perfect choice for all coffee variations: latte, cappuccino, mocha, Irish coffee, Americano, and also for cold beverages like iced coffee, tea, and juices. Such glasses are easy to use and to wash, with a sturdy base and an ergonomic handle. These can accommodate up to eight ounces of drink, and come in a handy pack of four. A perfect treat for coffee lovers.

Cuisinox Irish Coffee Glass

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Thanks to its revolutionary nature, this Cuisinox Irish Coffee Glass has made it successfully into our list of the best Irish coffee glasses, making it stand out from the rest. This glass is the ideal vessel in the just-right mug for all those Irish coffee lovers who enjoy the warm embrace of their favorite drink above all else. Inside an elegant case made of stainless steel, the novel style features a glass insert. The steel is polished to show a satin finish which enhances the glass’s aesthetic appeal.

The handle is also made from the same stainless steel and is easy to use. The dimensions are 2.4′′ in diameter with a height of 5′′. Such glasses come in duo form, and each glass has an 8 ounce or 240 ml capacity. After enjoying your coffee, the glass inserts can also be removed and put in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. Accessories in the form of steel saucers and slender steel spoons that also act as straws complete the look of these beauties; how cool that is!

Double Wall Glass with Handle

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Looking for a cool iced tea on a humid summer day or hot chocolate on a frosty winter night in front of your fireplace? This glass is the answer to all your drink questions and the ideal companion for all your moods and beverages. These Bruntmor double-walled coffee glasses are made with only the highest quality borosilicate glass, which gives them premium longevity while ensuring that they remain remarkably lightweight.

The double-walled feature is highly advantageous as it helps to preserve the temperature of your hot or cold drinks while keeping the outside surface cool at the same time. The double-wall also means the glass is durable and thus resistant to heat and breakage. Those coffee mugs are perfect for everyday use with a capacity of 8 ounces. The style is basic and modern, so the 2-glass package suits your personal collection as well as serving as an appropriate gift for all coffee lovers.

Libbey 5295 Irish Coffee Glass

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With the arrival of those Libbey coffee glasses, the classic Irish coffee glass has just been upgraded in elegance and style. These beautiful glasses are as sustainable as they are pleasing to look at, with a decorative base, a practical handle, and a flared lip. The thick glass which is used to make these mugs gives them extra strength. You can pour in those glasses any drink, hot or cold, and it’s going to be a sight for sore eyes.

The glass ‘s top diameter is 3 1/8, “the bottom width 2 3/4′′ and the height 5 7/8′′. The glasses have a capacity of 8.5 ounces and after each use they are also safe to place in the dishwasher. The shipping package contains a wonderful surprise, in the form of 50 signature party picks (besides the 6 comely glasses, of course). So start planning a party or celebration, or just call your friends over for drinks and snacks and make the best use of your free time.

Waterford Crystal, Huntley Irish Coffee Glasses

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These Irish Coffee Glasses from Waterford Crystal Huntley will instantly turn your after-dinner coffee into a beautiful and unforgettable experience that will leave you to crave more. Made of the purest leaded crystal, Waterford employs a 15-degree wedge cutting stone in this Huntley pattern for the purpose of maximum light refraction. The exquisite design carved on the glasses is nothing less than royal, with the diamond and wedge cuts forming an enchanting collaboration on the crystal surface.

A sturdy handle is attached to the glass’s stem and base, so you can hold it firmly without burning your hands. For smooth and relaxed sipping the glass body is gracefully formed with a flared lip. The glasses come in pairs and the packaging is as beguiling as the glasses of coffee making them the perfect fashionable gift for weddings and anniversaries. So order without further ado and serve coffee in these glasses to your distinguished guests to turn your dinner into a souvenir affair!

Anchor Hocking 83045AHG17 Glass 16 Ounce Cafe Mug

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These Anchor Hocking coffee mugs are fashioned with tapered glass, of which at least 10 percent are reclaimed, making them the ideal choice not only for your kitchen but also for the safety of the environment. You also have a generous 16-ounce capacity so you can consume your favorite drink to the core of your heart. The dimensions are as follows: Length 5.25′′, width 4′′ and height 5′′. The perfectly curved handle ensures a strong grip, and the slightly flared lip makes it easy to drink.

The thick and heavy glass gives these coffee mugs durability and long shelf life, so this set of 4 glasses lasts for long periods and is absolutely great value for money. The glass also suits microwave and dishwasher use. These glasses are not limited to coffee; they are in fact optimal for any and all drinks such as tea, latte, cappuccino, espresso, iced tea/coffee, and even juices and shakes. So whatever your choice of the potion, simply pour it into this versatile glass and drink away!

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Buying Guide to the Best Coffee Mugs

All who want to pick the right coffee mug to match their needs need not just rush to the store. You need to weigh other variables. The guide will assist you in choosing a high-quality coffee mug of which you will be proud.

Temperature Regulation

Arguably this is the first thing you need to remember. The right mug of coffee should be able to keep you safe when handling them. The low-quality ones are heat transfer experts. They can burn your hand, easily. Find the coffee mugs with mechanisms for double-wall insulation.

They keep your coffee warm but keep your handles heat-free. These are much better, as they make the mug easier to handle.


Mugs are pretty much cheap. Yet you should steer clear of those shockingly low priced ones. You do get what you pay for, just as for everything else. So, simply don’t get a mug because it’s cheap.

Instead, spend well on getting something that will give you excellent value for money. Look at the structure of the material, the weight, the capacity to fill, and, above all, the capacity to retain heat.

Material construction

There are various types of materials used to build coffee mugs. Stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and even plastic. What one do you like? Well, that depends on the situation you are in.

For example, if you want something that stays insulated for a long time, a metal thermal would be ideal. However, if you occasionally intend to serve your guest, you can settle for a mug that has a more stylish design.


Size is perhaps not the most important thing to consider. But if you’re traveling with the mug, it might be something to think about. A tiny, portable cup of coffee would be perfect in this situation. The decision about size also depends on whether you want to drink big lathes or small espressos


The above mugs are some of the best coffee mugs based on their material construction, durability, temperature control capability, and heat retention characteristics. With the above information, we believe you can match your taste and preference to make the right call.

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