Top 10 Portable Laptop Chargers – Buying Guide

If you own a laptop, it can be challenging to find the best portable laptop charger. They are not as popular for mobile phones and tablets as power banks, because most people just need an outlet in a cafe to charge their notebooks.

You don’t have to search to find an outlet while the laptop battery is in the red. A portable battery bank allows you to add an additional charge with you wherever you go, if you’re on a plane, in a cab, on a trip or just caught in a power outage. It is important to find a charger with the right ports and power capacity for your needs when buying a laptop power bank or portable laptop charger. Factors such as size and weight are an important consideration as you will carry this device with you. We have researched and reviewed the best laptop battery chargers for different needs.

What is a Portable Charger ?

A portable charger is also called a power bank, is a reusable battery that is small enough to fit in your hand. It is covered by a protective casing, and connects to any input and output source. It allows you to charge various devices (a smartphone or a laptop, for example) from almost anywhere without the need for a wall outlet.

Portable chargers come are available in various forms and have a range of features. The most important aspect is that these chargers have a rechargeable battery built-in that extends the power and use time of your other devices.

How Portable Chargers Work ?

Instead of charging your phone, laptop, or any another device from a wall outlet, you can charge it from the power stored in the portable charger by inserting the charger into the device that needs power.

The best portable chargers are USB devices. These are usually smaller in size and can easily come along with you in a pocket or purse and extend your phone’s battery life.

Portable chargers are often provided with one or more USB ports and can connect to any variety of cable used to charge modern smartphones. Standard Micro-USB, USB-C, and Apple Lightning cables ending with a USB Type-A are the common connections you will need to use with a portable charger.

Most of the power banks charge through a USB port, you can simply connect your device to the USB port and start charging. Some power banks come with a detachable cable, that makes it easy to switch between cables for your laptop, smartphone, iPad or other device.

How to Use a Portable Charger ?

Portable chargers come in different variety. There is no hard-and-fast rule about how these chargers work or how to charge them. Many of the small portable chargers recharge over Micro-USB or USB Type-C connections. Larger battery banks may use DC connectors like those in laptops and other electronics. Solar-powered portable chargers are also available in the market.

Power banks or potable chargers charge like other electronic devices with a rechargeable battery. Some of them may charge faster because of the connector or because a smaller-capacity battery recharges more quickly.

You can charge a device using a portable charger by connecting the device to the portable charger, and turn on the charger’s power. It begins charging the low-powered device. Some chargers are provided with an indicator that shows when the charging is complete.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Battery Pack

You may be working and in the middle of a very important activity on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and there goes your battery draining out and all the progress goes to waste by the time you find an AC outlet. That’s a situation where a portable battery pack is helpful. Here are some factors to consider in buying your portable charger:

Power Capacity/mAh

The capacity is measured in milliAmpere hour. There are portable battery packs, that pack up the power of up to 24,000 mAh that can charge multiple devices at the same time, or power your smartphone multiple times over. You can get one with a lower power capacity, but consider buying a higher capacity battery pack that can power up numerous devices and it will be more beneficial and cost-effective.


There are hundreds of portable battery packs available in the market today, but few may just stand the test of time and usage.
For any functioning electronic device, durability should also be a priority. The type of material and the manufacturer in this regard are very important. Buying a product from a reputable company that is focused on creating quality products would also help give you the guarantee that you will be acquiring a reliable product.


If you are using multiple devices, then it is best to buy a portable battery pack that has a sufficient number of ports. Purchasing a portable battery pack or a power bank that has fewer ports than the ideal would not be beneficial for you.


Most of the portable battery packs nowadays are generally small and very convenient to bring. Generally, the higher the capacity, the bigger the portable battery pack will be. For some of them, this is not an issue as the main objective of buying a battery pack is to power up as many devices as possible.


With all the exploding battery problems, one must be aware of the safety features while buying a portable charger. Though there are few instances of portable battery pack explosions, buying from a reputable and branded charging solution company is a must. The safety features built into the battery itself to avoid overcharging and overheating which is why exploding batteries are relatively rare.

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Top 9 Portable Laptop Chargers

1. mophie 4167 Powerstation AC

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Mophie is a high-capacity powerstation that has a smart AC power port to plug in laptops or other devices that can be used when traveling or away from a power outlet. This portable laptop charger has a built in GFCI safety that shuts the battery down if a current imbalance is detected. It provides extra USB-C and USB-A ports that helps to charge up to 3 devices at once. The 22, 000Mah battery has enough power to fully charge a laptop at USB-C 30w faster charging speeds.

The durable and comfortable design allows you to store the powerstation in your bag Without worrying about scratches. It is equipped with charge Vault technology, our leading powerstation batteries hold their charge for an extended period of time so they are readily available when you need it. The digital power management system uses smart charging circuitry to communicate and deliver the fastest charging speeds to the devices, without sacrificing safety.


  • USB Type C, USB Type A connector types.
  • 20000 Miliamp hours battery capacity.
  • Built-in safety features against over-voltage, over-current and shortcircuit.
  • Built-in GFCI safety

2. Omni 20+ 20000mah Laptop Power Bank

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The Omni 20+ offers a flexible power solution for any situation with a full-size wall outlet. The 60W USB-C port allows you to charge all your devices from the same port. The device provides 10W wireless charging that helps you need not to worry about charging cables. The portable laptop charger eliminates the need to carry heavy power adapters by providing an efficient method of charging.

The Omni portable charger can recharge at 45W from the barrel port or USB-C port and recharges in under 3 hours from nearly any source. The OLED screen provides power readings so that you can have control of your device’s power levels. This portable charger provides an all-in-one solution that can power most of the devices.


  • Power hub for most of the smart devices.
  • Provides high-powered, fast charging.
  • USB type C, USB and USB type A connector types.
  • 20000mah battery capacity.

3. USB C Power Bank 30000mAh

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The RAVPower 30000mAh portable laptop charger was built with flexibility, allowing users to power a much wider range of electronics. Power devices at greater speeds up to 100W, from the USB ports or the AC outlet.
The built-in fan provides proper cooling for smooth operation. It kicks into gear when the power bank temperature reaches 122℉/50℃ stops when the temperature drops below 122℉.

RAVPower charging provides a blazing-fast charge to ensure save 50% recharging time, charges in only 3 hours will refill the AC laptop charger with 45W PD input. This portable laptop charger is a 3-prong AC output with a power supply on/ off switch indicator for any device up to 100W.

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  • Powerful 100W AC outlet.
  • 30000mAh internal battery capacity.
  • 60W PD output provides high-speed charging.
  • 100W 3-prong AC outlet.
  • LED battery indicators.
  • Built-in charging protections.

4. HALO Bolt 58830 mWh Portable Laptop Charger 

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Halo Bolt portable laptop charger has two USB 2.4V charging outputs that allow to power up multiple devices at once. It is packed with 58830 mWh of power, Bolt is a portable power bank that makes your life easier. This portable charger can jump-start dead batteries of all types of vehicles, such as a car, truck, boat, or riding lawnmower.

This portable charger is a must-have for long road trips and is less than 3 pounds. It has Built-in safety, with reverse circuit protection, reverse current protection, and short circuit protection. Bolt can hold charge up to 1 year, even if not used. This efficient power pack can charge more devices, you can use a USB power outlet to charge any USB-capable electronic device.


  • Charges laptop, phone, tablets, and more devices.
  • Jumpstart car or SUV.
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Stylish and safe.
  • Powers multiple devices at once.

5. ZMI USB PD Backup Battery

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The ZMI PowerPack 20000 portable charger is a single-device solution for all of your portable charging needs. It has not only the maximum power output at 20,000 mAh relative to some of the other models, but it does make the difference with multi-port configuration and compatibility with a wide range of other devices.

The ZMI PowerPack charger is suitable for the Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air (2018 and newer) laptops. You can even control your iPhone, iPad, Google, Motorola, or LG, and your Nintendo Switch. The three-port configuration features two USB-A ports and one USB-C port. Both the ports help Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery 2.0 respectively, and you get up to 45W for your devices.

This Powerbank weighs less than a pound and has thick smartphone dimensions, making it the ideal backup for students who need to update their devices once or twice during the day without weighing down their pack.

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  • Built-in safety against overheating, short-circuiting, input overvoltage, output overvoltage, and over-discharge.
  • Powerpack 20000 is compatible with many devices.
  • Fast charging device.
  • Supports multiple devices at a time.

6. POWERADD Pilot Pro2 23000mAh Power Bank

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The POWERADD Pilot Pro2 is a portable charger ship with ten different adapters that enables connectivity to Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Dell, HP, and more notebooks. The outputs are more restrictive from a high-capacity battery block because there are just two USB-A ports at 5V/2.5A to max out.

This would be enough for phones and laptops, and POWERADD can charge up to 8 times an iPhone and up to 6 times a smaller mobile phone like a Galaxy Note. It’s the max 20V barrel-style outlet, however, that you would need to use to charge a laptop. The adapter features a bright LCD panel to track the available price, a comparatively modest 23000mAh power, and a light silver aluminum build.

POWERADD charger’s overhead footprint is a little bulky, weighing approximately seven-and-a-half inches tall and nearly five inches long.


  • Solid capacity
  • Plenty of included adapters
  • Flat and professional-looking
  • 23000mAh battery capacity

7. HALO Bolt 58830 mWh Portable Laptop Charger

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The Halo Bolt is a portable charger of maximum power that satisfies all your needs. Halo Bolt is a powerful battery bank with two USB-A 2.4V charging ports, a wall socket with 120V AC, and it also has the capacity to act as a portable jump starter.

The battery has a power of 58,830mAh making it one of the most powerful chargers, You can charge up to 116 hours for a phone, 19 hours for a tablet, and 11 hours for a laptop, which is more than enough to hold power to any of the gadgets for a full day. You can charge three devices at a time with two USB outputs and an AC plug.

The jumper cable includes features such as overvoltage protection, auto power-off, short circuit security, reverse polarity protection, reverse current protection, timer circuit protection, and jumper cable spark protection. It has an LED light and optional jumper cables as well as a holding pocket which would make it a good device to have in your glovebox.

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  • Lots of battery capacity
  • Includes AC plug
  • Can jump start cars
  • Built-in protection against overvoltage

8. MAXOAK Laptop Power Bank

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The MAXOAK External Battery is flexible. It has six ports for charging. One for laptops is a 20-volt/3-amp connection, one for compact cameras is a 12-volt/2.5-amp connection, two are 5-volt/2.1-amp USB ports, and two 5-volt/1 amp USB ports. MAXOAK has a battery life of 50,000 mAh, which ensures you can recharge your laptop and phones many times until you need to use your external mobile power bank.

It is just measuring 8.1 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches and weighing 2.77 pounds and it will comfortably go into your sleeping pack so it won’t be that much bigger. It covers 14 styles of notebook connectors, and certain versions are supported but not Apple laptops.


  • Includes a ton of adapters
  • Ultra high capacity 50000mAh battery.
  • Widest compatibility
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • High quality safety

9. Krisdonia 50000mAh Laptop Power Bank

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Krisdonia portable power station is a compact and lightweight charger featured with one DC output, one type-C output, and two QC3.0 USB outputs. It provides power backup for emergency power failure while engaged in outdoor working and exploring.

The adjustable DC output port supports 5V to 20V and can charge your laptop directly without a laptop charger. Set the DC voltage before charging your laptop or other devices from the DC port. It is one of the world’s fastest charging technology, that is able to charge compatible devices up to 80% in just 35 minutes. Enough power to keep you going for days. Charge a 2015 MacBook Pro 13” over 1 time, an iPhone X over 10 times, or iPad Mini 4 over 4 times.


  • Fast recharge the power bank with the high-quality charger from 19V 2A DC input
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • High quality and safe guaranteed
  • Super-high capacity

10. Zendure Power Bank

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Zendure supertank portable charger is made up of a lithium battery, which provides more power to your devices. The UPS mode does not interrupt the power supply when switching between battery modes and through-charge. it is ideal for applications such as micro-controllers, home automation, security systems, backup power for wireless routers, and more.

It is equipped with a PD directional switch and you can change the charging current direction by pressing the middle button. The nine layers safety protection prevents supertank from over-current, over-voltage, overheat, short circuit, over-discharge, and current limiting. Zendure power bank is compatible with any USB-C PD and QC 3.0 devices. It contains a 27000mAh battery capacity and a fully charged battery can last over 9 hours.


  • Precise LED power display
  • Premium quality materials
  • Wide compatibility
  • Leakage prevention
  • PD direction switch
  • Ultra-fast recharge speed

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Bottom Line

Our suggestions above are what we found are the best portable laptop chargers available on the market. These are the best wireless portable laptop chargers to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed the features and functions of each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.








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