Top 10 Best Sleep Trackers – Buying Guide in 2021

Back when you were younger, you may have lived by the idea that sleep is for the poor, but after one too many late nights of studying, playing video games, and seeing one too many sunrises after a long, wild night, you’ve come to realize that it’s actually the opposite. The value of sleep for our physical and mental health has become a major focus lately. That’s why people have started investing in the best sleep trackers so they can get important, eye-opening insights about how they sleep and what they can do to improve it. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and there are few things that feel better than waking up completely refreshed, so we have all the answers below, whether you are searching for wearable or non-wearable sleep trackers.

Withings Sleep – Sleep Tracking Pad Under The Mattress

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Since the glory years of the 3310, Nokia may have sunk depressingly off the deep end, but they are back and seeking something else. Working with Withing, they have created the Sleep Monitoring Pad, an asleep analyzer that slides under the mattress, tracks sleep cycles, analyzes your heart rate during sleep, and even detects snoring, so you’ll soon find out whether you’re as bad as a snorer as people have often stated. The pad is accompanied by the Nokia Health Mate app which assesses the quality of your sleep and identifies areas for improvement. To make it easy for anyone to use, it automatically synchronizes the resulting confusion, incorrect configuration, and misreadings.

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor – Wearable-Free Sleep Tracker

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One of the best examples of non-wearable tech for monitoring and gathering data on your sleep is the Beautyrest Sleeptracker App. Instead of wrapping around your arm, by capturing the moving, rolling, and occasional noise, it is put under the mattress and works to provide you with all the details you need when you wake up. Unlike other sleep tracker models available, it can be programmed to record only your movements and not your partners, or even any animals who want to join you at night, giving you highly customized sleep data and sleep coaching to help you get the best possible night’s sleep.

SleepScore Max | Sleep Tracking Device

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The SleepScore Max Sleep Improvement System is a smart, non-wearable sleep monitor that sits on your bedside table while monitoring and observing your sleep but not in a disturbing manner. It’s claimed to improve sleep by an average of 45 minutes, and can even set day or week sleep goals while providing your doctor with data to help you solve all your sleeping struggles and give you science-based advice, which is all pretty cool. There is no automated sleep tracking feature, however, meaning that a lot of manual input is needed for the most accurate feedback, that being said, it’s still useful, looks fine, and as long as you remember to input what you need, you ‘re guaranteed results.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

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Everyone is associating the Fitbit Charge 2 as primarily a piece of wearable tech designed solely as a fitness tracker, but as well as tracking your steps, heart rate, and workouts, it’s also great as a sleep monitor. The PurePulse feature automatically tracks heart rate and also acknowledges exactly when you drift off to the nod land for accurate reading of the sleep. In addition, it removes the feeling of having to smash your phone against a wall every morning by waking you up with a gentle, quiet, and vibrating alarm that lightens you out of sleep, rather than ripping you out of your slumber like some sadistic tension and detachment experiment.

Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker

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We always love it when we are able to offer a little bit of variety in our lists and this Motiv Ring Fitness Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker is more than anything else proving that. Worn under your memory foam mattress neither on the wrist nor placed, instead, you place it around your finger and take readings from there. Its architecture guarantees longevity and prevents it from catching items protruding around the home and workplace. But perhaps you want to learn how well that works. Its placement tracks your movement 24/7 so you almost forget it’s there, while the Motiv App displays useful information about your sleeping habits and allows you to make changes based on what you’re seeing.

EMFIT QS – Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV

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Our premium option for the best sleep monitor is the Emfit QS. Although it is specifically built for professional athletes, it still works satisfactorily as a sleep tracker and, owing to its price, provides a wide range of features that help teach you how to get a better night’s rest. Together with deep sleep sensors, the REM sleep tracker works just as well as heart rate and recovery monitor, and an added bonus for that is that you don’t have to strap anything to you. Working completely contact-free, you offered freedom of movement that you don’t get with wearable tech, and that fits unseen and unfelt under the mattress, always watching but never interfering with it.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

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Another Fitbit, this time the Versa Smart Watch, which offers a different kind of design than the classic look, but as a sleep monitor watch is still very useful. Like other Fitbit and general smartwatch products, from the moment you wake up all the way up to the moment you wake up the next day, this tracks your activity all day long. It can divide your sleep cycle into stages, recognizing where you are in a deep sleep, where you dream, and when the best time to wake you up is. This data is then moved seamlessly into the app and helps you to test out your sleep patterns and make improvements.

ResMed S+ By Personal Sleep Solution

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The ResMed S+ Personal Sleep Solution is our pick for the best sleep tracker if we look purely at value. This little tool synchronizes seamlessly with your smartphone or laptop, giving you instant details as soon as you wake up, as well as providing both good and bad explanations for your sleeping habits. This type of information is essential for learning how to get the best possible sleep, and features such as analyzing the environment and lifestyle help contribute to a better all-around idea of what you can change for a more comfortable, undisturbed sleep. Setting up for some might be a little frustrating but the rewards are more than worth it.

Fitbit Alta HR

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Our third and final Fitbit sleep tracker watch is the Fitbit Alta HR. Maybe it’s the most common of Fitbit devices because it seems like everyone has or knows somebody who’s embraced it. Using the PurePulse program, it recognizes automatically when you’ve fallen to sleep and monitors sleep data, recognizing various stages of sleep, and gathering accurate information for your gain. In addition, the connected Fitbit app displays this data in an easy-to-understand manner, as well as providing information for maximum analysis about the rest of your day.

Withings Steel HR – Hybrid Smartwatch

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Last but not least, we’ve come to the end of the cycle, but we assure you that the last 9 products were not a blissful dream, but real, true, useful information, and we’re not done yet. The Nokia Steel HR Hybrid smartwatch blends outstanding sleep monitoring with valuable everyday data collection to bring an all-in-one piece of wearable tech to you. The analysis of the sleep cycle is crucial to find out where you’re losing the most sleep, while the vibrating alarm encourages you to wake up, rather than demanding that you get out of bed just this minute, giving you a more natural wake-up call that doesn’t feel like you’ve been stolen precious minutes. The Free Health Mate app also gathers and saves information for you to access whenever you want, which ensures you can keep track of what you need, even though the Steel HR is happy to do the hard work for you. What kind of teamwork, huh?

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Buying Guide of Sleep Tracker

There’s an array of great sleep trackers for you, so make sure you consider those features before you take the plunge and make a decision on which one you want.

Battery life – We live in a world where it feels like we are always charging, with low battery alerts sucking on any of our devices. A long-lasting battery sleep tracker means you don’t miss important sleep data and can make changes whenever you need to.

Adjustability – We are not all of the same sizes so it helps you to adjust wearable sleep trackers to suit your wrist or finger. For a number of reasons, that is important. It primarily has to do with comfort, but perhaps more fundamentally anything that is too big or too small might trigger inaccurate readings and give you frankly useless details.

Advanced Tracking – For some, it’s good enough to track your general sleep, but it’s also useful to have advanced tracking features included with the watch, ring, or pad. This can include various stages of sleep, heart monitoring while sleeping, as well as restlessness and even snoring. Although not necessary and although this monitoring may cause it to cost extra, you may want it for the best possible results.

Additional Features – If you’re not just looking for sleep tracking, products that come packed with loads of extra features are a great way to maximize your tracker and get your money worth (because the best sleep trackers aren’t cheap, yo). These features can include monitoring heart rate, step counter (if wearable), and connectivity to the app, making them much more of an all-in-one tracker than just something used to help improve your sleep.

Final Thoughts

Asleep monitoring app or computer, including a regular bedtime and wake time, brings home the value of sleep quality and healthy habits. They can also highlight the effects that factors such as alcohol and exercise may have on sleep patterns. To get started in your search, if you are searching for a tool to understand your sleep health, use the list of our top 10 sleep monitoring tools and apps. Keep in mind that sleep trackers, like all technology, are subject to innovative year-to-year updates which make them more accurate, user-friendly, and useful. Check back to see our updated recommendations as the field widens and the quality of these devices and apps is improving.

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