The Best 8 Grilling and BBQ Accessories in 2021

Grilling is the cooking form most basic. There’s the heat-generating burning wood, charcoal, or gas and your food is sizzling in that heat. Cooking is an easy way but it can be overwhelming. How do you know when you’re done with your meat? How do you get these beautiful grill marks? As in other things, getting the right equipment helps the job a lot.

If you have started on the road to grilling mastery with our guide to portable grills, consider this the edition of follow-up tips and tricks. Professional chefs can make it easy to poke a little meat and pronounce it medium rare, but for the rest of us, these devices help to grill out the guesswork.

Habor 192 Meat Thermometer Upgraded Waterproof

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It takes a lot of grilling practice just by feeling it, to know the meat temperature. This is an undeniably valuable ability on which you can work, but there’s really no need to. Just grab a great digital instant-read thermometer such as the Habor Foldable Thermometer ($18). The thin, foldable shape is simple to palm, so when your friends are looking you can track your food on the sly and then poke it with your finger and say, “Ah yes, medium-rare.”

If you fancy something fancier, the MeatStick ($65) is a wireless thermometer that you can keep in the meat, and the temperature will be transmitted to your computer. If something even fancier you like, check out our next pick.

Weber 3201 Connect Smart Grilling Hub

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I’ve tried a couple of smart grilling apps, but this is the only one I find useful. Weber ‘s Smart System comprises a screen, an ambient temperature sensor, and a meat temp sensor. It also includes an app full of recipes and grilling tips. You tell the app what you’ve got and it’s grilling you around. It’s perfect for backyard parties (remember those? when friends came over and we were often less than 6 feet from each other?) when you need to track your grill but don’t want to be chained to it.

The web is full of this device’s poor reviews, and indeed Weber has had a tough launch with it (which I first saw at CES earlier this year). The Android app was more of a mess. It has continuously lost its Wi-Fi signal and has not even provided a reading of temperature. However, Weber has provided several updates to fix these issues and my new experience (smoking ribs) has been excellent.

GRILL HEAT AID Extreme Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves

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I’m going to confess: I didn’t even want to check these, because I thought the idea was stupid. Who wants barbecue gloves? Then the GrillGrates folks sent me a pair and I was wondering, What the heck. Heat resistant gloves are, it turns out, fantastic. You can do all of that with your mouth. Later, I got a pair of these Grill Heat Aid Gloves ($32) that can handle a maximum of 932 degrees.

Weber 6645 Original Portable 2-Piece Stainless Steel Tool Set

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Cooking big chunks of meat involves tossing heavy meat bits. Most kitchen pliers aren’t up to the task. I recommend heavy-duty stainless steel tongs, to avoid dropping your half-cooked food. I love these Weber Tongs ($25), and a good heavy spatula is included in the package.

Weber 8836 Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone

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It’s not quite a wood-fired pizza — for that, you’ll want to check out our favorite pizza ovens — but with a pizza stone on your grill, you can make a pretty good slice. I used this Weber stone a couple of times but be sure to test the fit for your grill. Do you want something bigger? I didn’t check it, but it’s 18 inches around the block, letting you make a big pizza. If rain drowns your barbecue, don’t be afraid; these pizza stones work equally well in the oven.

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Set

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Brass or stainless steel wire brush will leave behind tiny bristles that are trapped in your grill and end up in your food. Sometimes, it happens more than you thought. Instead, I like the Q Cleaner from Pride Grill, which combines a wire-free scrubber, stainless steel scraper, and disposable wipes to clean your grill without leaving a mess behind your knife.

If you have a brush to own, get one which is a single, continuous wire. I love this continuous GrillGrate Wire Cleaner ($20). Technically, it’s made for the GrillGrates’ deep valleys but it also fits on other grates.

Proud Grill Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers

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Do you know those skewers of bamboo at the back of your kitchen drawer that you still neglect to drink before you put them on the grill? Avoid making use of those. Splinters in food, for one thing, are no fun. Good skewers just facilitate life for another. I hated skewer grilling before I got a good set and I recommend you get a couple of sets. This related Proud Grill package is my favorite for meat. If you rotate them, the barbed tips ensure nothing comes off, so you can fit enough meat on one skewer for two.

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Final Thoughts

To have an awesome BBQ party and make sure you purchase the right accessories from the BBQ. Through doing so, you are taking the first step in ensuring your cooking experience is fine. Several BBQ accessories have already been made and released for sale in the market.

Although most people choose to have a BBQ package with lots of equipment, you’ll find those with less accessories. This ensures that everyone is in a position to buy themselves a simple cooking toolkit. Therefore, purchasing faulty cooking equipment does not make sense. Just pick your accessories wisely and pay attention to our above guide.

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