The Best 14 Sunglasses for Men in 2020 – Buying Guide

Sunglasses for Men can add a mystery dimension, suspense, and let you stand behind a social shield. Besides their design features, they help block harmful rays from the sun, they are a necessity to drive along with a fashionable watch: in short: they are a simple item every man should have, but few know what to look for. Here’s the rundown of our 10 favorite men’s sunglasses and how to choose the right ones for you.

Ray-Ban Rb3025 Aviator Classic Sunglasses

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If plastic frames just don’t do that for you, then Ray-Ban will have the solution. Metal frames with polarized crystal lenses-in terms of quality, you simply can not get better than that. Ray-Ban ‘s attention to detail shows up perfectly in these colors, all the way from the bridge guards to the hinges.

Such shades are available in over a dozen different types of tints and frames, giving you a complete grasp on your sense of style. Everyone gets a feel, available in six different sizes. If you felt you couldn’t find a good solution to your search for sunglasses, you’ve just stumbled on the X that marks the spot. There’s a reason why Ray-Ban Aviator Metal Sunglasses are the perfect option for men’s guide to our favorite sunglasses. Check out our guide to the best fishing sunglasses for more great choices like this.


  • BrandRay-Ban
  • ModelRB3025
  • Weight5 ounces

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Sunglasses

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The master of long-lasting, trendy sunglasses for men returns to bring us the Erika Classic pair. The regular coating, made of durable plastic and nylon, gives you maximum protection against UV as well as a subtle transition from light to dark. This geometric frame contours your style, adding very nicely to your look.

All Ray-Ban goods sold through Amazon are eligible for a guarantee from the manufacturer; no hassle, no worries. These sunglasses for men are non-polarized (see below our best sunglasses for men buying guide).


  • BrandRay-Ban
  • Model0RB4171
  • Weight3.52 ounces

Persol PO3048S Sunglasses 95/31 Black/Crystal Green Lens 58mm

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This 2 “high shades provide fantastic distraction security and encourage you to avoid sporting the” squinty face “whenever you leave the house. Rectangular frames made of composite appear and feel great, while glass lenses make cleaning easier than standard plastic lenses.

The Persol sunglasses are non-polarized, come alongside the frame with attention to detail, and have glass lenses. There’s nothing worse than cleaning smudges off plastic lenses. Depending on your height, these are available in 55 mm and 58 mm.


  • BrandPersol
  • Model3048
  • Weight8.8 ounces

Tom Ford Henry FT0248 Sunglasses

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Such half-rim, aviator-style sunglasses pledge to always be on stock and ready to get to your door, but it’s more than availability – the sunglasses of Tom Ford Henry men describe the classic American summer look while retaining excellent, unrivaled quality. Plastic rims and small parts on the nose guard make this a convenient, sturdy pair.

You get a one-year warranty directly from the seller, but you won’t need it – drop it down, forget it’s in your pocket, or something else, and it’s going to keep it up. For more great things like this, don’t forget to check out our guide to the best sunglasses to ski.


  • BrandTom Ford
  • ModelFT0248

Hugo Boss Men’s 0919/S Rectangular Sunglasses

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Classic shades description – Hugo Boss is a sturdy pair that includes 100 percent UV protection, as well as a case for storage and carry. Plastic lenses are more durable than glass, embedded in your plastic frame. Small drops and scuffing do not affect your vision or the consistency of the aesthetics.

These rectangular shades are non-polarized and feature excellent craftsmanship on either side, offering a special stylistic twist to function.


  • BrandHugo Boss
  • ModelB0919s
  • Weight5 ounces

Ray-Ban Rb4165 Justin Rectangular Sunglasses

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Ray-Ban makes some of Earth’s most visually beautiful sunglasses and their Justin collection testifies to that fact. These shades come with 100 percent UV coating on plastic lenses, housed in a plastic case, featuring the Ray-Ban logo on either side. They are divided so it will be especially easy to prevent glare and distractions.

Available in Dark Blue Polar and Polar Grey Gradient, these shades give you control over your entire design. The collection comes in a diameter of 55 mm.


  • BrandRay-Ban
  • Model0RB4165
  • Weight4.8 ounces

Lemtosh-Wood Men’s Sunglasses

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Ranking 5/5 on the scale of their boldness, these shades aspire to impress and will settle for nothing less. Lemtosh-Wood Men’s Sunglasses come in two different sizes to distinguish you from the crowd, sporting the Moscot signature wood look.

Experience the ultra-lasting craftsmanship; pay close attention to the strength of the hinges, the frame ‘s comfort design, and built-in bridge guards (so you won’t have annoying little pieces of plastic falling away). These sunglasses fall in line with the priorities-they are ready for everything.


  • BrandLEMTOSH

Ray-Ban Rb3136 Caravan Square Sunglasses

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These US-made metal-frame shades are the ideal solution to your choice of style and need for durable, beautiful sunglasses. For lightweight, non-polarized lenses and a 100% UV400 safety mask, you get every ounce of protection you need when capitalizing on one of today’s most popular brands of sunglasses.

Ray-Ban knows it’s not just about function – you’ve got to feel good about these colors, which is why they’re offering five distinct, exclusive styles in their stylish, striking Caravan style.


  • Bradley-Ban
  • ModelRB3136
  • Weight4 ounces

Persol Men’s PO3108S Sunglasses Striped Grey

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If you’re (and who isn’t?) a fan of Persol shades then you’ve probably been waiting for them to come up with a new, non-linear style. The wait is over: look at the Sunglasses Typewriter Version, and you’ll fall in love (with the striped gray edition as opposed to the striped brown version).

Not only can you get one of the industry’s biggest brands, but you can also pick between two different sizes and enjoy the benefits of 100 percent UV blocking. Lightweight and ready to make your style a reality.


  • BrandPersol
  • Modelo 3108S

Oakley Men’s Oo9102 Holbrook Square Sunglasses

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In a wide range of styles Oakley sits right at the middle between cost-effectiveness and dapper flair. Snag a pair of twenty-two different looks, even when compared to other Oakley wearers, giving you one special feature. Holbrook has mirrored lenses with an anti-reflective coating that keeps you looking your best, even though the sun sends down a bright trail of light right on you. If Oakley protects you, nothing will harm you: metal frame, 100 percent protection against Sunlight, and symbol highlights around the bottom. Tonight, you are able to rock and roll.


  • BrandOakley
  • ModelOO9102-08
  • Weight5.4 ounces

Carrera CA33/S Pilot Sunglasses

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Friendly in budget and adding a hexagonal dimension to the otherwise simple aviator theme, Carrera packs in its non-polarized lenses all the power of 100 percent UV protection. Via the sales page, you can choose one of seven excellent models, each enabling you to sport the big bad look of these amazing 62 mm long lenses. Carrera knows how valuable your mystique is to you, which is why they throw these beauties into a protective case to keep them dust-free and in top shape for the next time you reach the boardwalk.


  • BrandCarrera
  • Model33/S
  • Weight7 ounces

Ray-Ban Rb4125 Cats 5000 Aviator Sunglasses

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It’s not just a flashy title: sitting at a width of 59 mm (without an aviator style), Ray-Ban Cats 5000 largely rest on your forehead, adding to your dominant impact. Non-polarised crystal lenses sit nice and close in a plastic case, featuring alongside the Ray-Ban logo. Full UV protection is within your reach, and you’re shielded from just about every conceivable angle with the lens size. As always, Ray-Ban sunglasses provide you with a case to keep dust-free your high-end range of shades and to avoid scrapes and scratches. Made in Italy, perfect for you: RB rolls this way. Check out our list of the best aviator sunglasses too for more great things like this.


  • BrandRay-Ban
  • Model0RB4125
  • Weight4 ounces

Prada Men’s 0PR 67TS

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Neo has little in store for you. You ‘re not joining the Matrix but you’re coming out of your shell while holding the dimension of mystery alive and kicking. Two narrow bridge sections close the distance between these non-polarized glass lenses and blend into the metal and composite frames. Bigger is better, and these 63 mm large lenses help to provide coverage from all directions and to block 100% of all UV rays from harming your eyes. Prada’s your wingman today, complimenting undercuts and bushy beards alike. Slick back, follow suit and walk out.


  • BrandPrada
  • Model67TS
  • Weight10.4 ounces

Versace Women’s Medusa Aviator Sunglasses

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Screw the new norm: go big, or go home. Versace VE2150Q 62 mm large sunglasses offer non-polarized polycarbonate lenses, resting in a metal frame to retain the consistency of Versace in power. That’s when you get to the look that they’ve only been able to help you pull off: leather along the bridge and super-tall sidewalls give you a secluded, enigmatic appeal to everyone you ‘re in touch with. Warning: not for the faint of heart, or for those who do not always want to be in the spotlight.


  • BrandVersace
  • Model2150Q
  • Weight9.6 ounces

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Buying Guide of the Best Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses seem a pretty straightforward concept: you look at them, you want to buy them if you like them. There are a few considerations that will alter the purchasing of your sunglasses, including UV safety levels, shape, and whether or not to side with polarized lenses.

UV Resistance – You want to search for men’s sunglasses that give UVA and UVB tolerance of at least 99.9 percent. They provide you with maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun, allowing you to spend time in the sun without worrying about damage to the retina, particularly if you are hiking.

Polarized – It is a nifty little feature that greatly improves. Best men’s Sunglasses are designed to prevent sunlight from distracting you, blinding you, and shielding you from harmful rays. Polarized sunglasses minimize or eliminate glare, so you don’t produce a reflection of your eyes, just refract the light onto anything else. When you’re driving these are a lifesaver because the refracted light that reaches your side view mirror can be harmful.

Frame Shape – It is what distinguishes sunglasses for men from those for women. Men’s sunglasses are usually better suited for sharp, square-shaped frames. It is difficult to find the best frame for sunglass lenses, as they tend to cover most of the body. You need protection while maintaining a masculine look.

There are no gender marks on sunglasses so you can clearly show a distinction when you look at them. Smaller frames, single-line studs between them, and bright, even colors help maintain a masculine look.

Types of Face Shapes – If you discuss your personal style and accessories, such as men’s sunglasses, there are six different styles of face shapes that come into play. Here are they:

  • Oval: You have a longer nose, usually with a pointed chin, which adds noticeable height to your overall appearance.
  • Round: Everything fits together from your ears to your mouth, in a near-perfect circle form.
  • Square: You have the structure of the jaw and the chin which gives a more masculine look; forward-facing.
  • Rectangle: Bit this is essentially Jay Leno in nutshell, not to point out. They are a combination of masculine square features and oval facial parts.
  • Heart-shaped: More common in women but some men have heart-shaped faces, which can be useful in finding a lens shape.
  • Diamond-shaped: Point nose, long sideburn patch, and a refined, very polished look.

Which does any of these say, then? Well, if you want to get the most out of them, you have to find the best sunglasses for men that will complement your unique style and shape appropriately. Knowing the shape of your face is a vital piece of information you need to use before you purchase the pair of sunglasses you have your eye on. Adjust the shape of your face to the form of the lens and you’ll be fantastic at rocking and rolling.

Type of Lens Available On Sunglasses For Men – If you’re trying to make it as transparent as possible, polarized lenses minimize glare and add some sort of HD effect to what you’re trying at. Those are the rule, but Post-Cataract patients or those undergoing laser eye surgery still use them extensively to enhance their vision. The healing process improves.

You then have innovative lenses that combine indoor with outdoor use. Once you go inside, you don’t have to remove the social shield; light changes will help minimize the sudden shift in your eyesight when you’re coming in from the night or vice versa.

You will also see polycarbonate lenses for men’s sunglasses that come with built-in (or blended-in) UV protection, which is why many high-end brands use it. Polycarbonate is a relatively good measure of protection against harmful UV rays can do to your skin.

Lens Additives – Lenses don’t come with it naturally, but UV protection is always a coating or an optional component to the design of glass or plastic lenses. In ensuring that the 100 percent UV safety statements are completely realized, these take a bit of accuracy, as you can see on most sales pages and product show pages of men’s sunglasses brands.

An anti-reflective coating, which is vital for athletes, is necessary to keep you in the game. If it’s walking, biking, or something in between, when you’re trying to remain in full shape, you don’t need sunlight poking at your skin!

And there are the people with babies, pets, or just clumsy who really benefit from their shades of scratch resistance. Only bringing them in and out of a case can cause light scratches to spread over time, or to become separate from a larger group. If you are making a balanced budget for your sunglasses this is a big one.

Last but not least, blue light reduction additives are excellent for reducing fatigue and eye strain, particularly when you’re working most of the day on the screen. It makes dual use of the sunglasses but also helps to protect against the blue light present in sunlight.


Choosing the best pair of sunglasses for yourself is no longer a tough task. It can be overwhelming to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. So, just keep in mind the above-mentioned tips the next time you go out shopping for one. Take your time, and try as many styles as you can.

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