Scented Candles Gifts Set for Women

100% Organic soy wax, safer and healthier, great perfect box, better gift option on Christmas Day. It is smoother than the other scented candles and is longer lasting. You may reuse the box, use it to plant flowers, or contain rings, buttons or other small things.


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Highlights for Candles Gifts Set for Women

  • The candle gift package for aromatherapy contains 4 fragrances-Lavender, Rosemary, Vanilla and French Freesia, buy one, enjoy 4 fragrances. A small tin candle that can be sealed and taken wherever you go with you. And the tins can be recycled, used to plant flowers, containing little or other stuff
  • Each votive candle is 25-30 hours long with 4.4 oz & burns. And one pack contains four sets, meaning you could use 100-120H.
  • The Portable Travel Tin candles with the nice gift kit are the ideal place to relax for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother’s & Father’s Days or other holidays to delight people of all ages
  • Such candles are made of natural essential oils and environmentally friendly pure soy wax.
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