Prank Gift Boxes, Inc. DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit!

This box is 11.5 “tall, 9.25” long and 4 “deep (larger than comparable packs) So go and measure your gift now and see it works, you can easily order the DIY At-Home Self-Surgery Vasectomy Kit. It will arrive flat, easy to fold and needs no adhesive. Cleans Boring Gifts, and Huge Presents Hides! Undies, gift cards, socks, and Santa ‘s secret presents get a funky breath of life when you gag them in the box.


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Key Features

  • A free bottle of bourbon!
  • A ‘patented’ red scrotum holder!
  • 2 small band-aids, and a magnifying glass!
  • A stapler, scalpel, shaving razor and an ‘easy to read’, 1,441 pages “how-to-manual”!

Do have fun! For daily presents, White Elephant workplace activities, co-workers, Dirty Santa and other amusing parties, just pop their REAL GIFT inside this funny gift box and watch the unbelief wash over their face, accompanied by uproarious laughter when the real gift is unveiled!

This is one of the funniest gift boxes to trick anywhere. A free bottle of whiskey, a bag of frozen peas, in this package are but a few funny things. NEW & UPDATED!”WHERE INCLUDE A PROTECTIVE PLASTIC CONE! –RIGHT!!”Let your’ victim’ believe that there is really an over – the-top at-home vasectomy self-operation kit that uses a stapler, magnifying glass and band-aids,-keeps you laughing for days!

This cardboard printed box is 11.5 “tall, 9.25” long, and 4 “deep. So, measure your gift now and you can easily order our prank boxes, seeing that it suits! Want to know which presents are the most popular? Gift Cards to you! And because they are boring it makes perfect sense, but the DIY At-Home Vasectomy Kit trick kit cleans those dull gifts right up!

Not only will your fake box get the laughs, but most people will reuse their mates ‘ The DIY At-Home Vasectomy Kit too! And, now that you’re buying this joke gift box, you’ll pay the joy forward to hundreds of others who need a nice hilarious butt. Boss, wife, dad, girlfriend, partner, colleagues(… and the women in your life!)-who are you going to be the first to prank?

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