Ocean Bliss Extra Large Spa Bath Gift Basket

Make the extra special occasion; turn your bath into a soothing oasis in just one swoop. We went all out to build an extra-large spa package with just about any product you could ever need to pamper yourself when it comes to the bath. This complete kit contains 250ml shower gel, 250ml bubble bath, 250ml body lotion, 200ml body cream tube, 200ml body spray, 50ml body scrub in jar, 25 g rose-shaped sponge, pumice wooden brush, wooden massage stick, ribbon belt, 50 g glass candle, gloves, 3x 100 g label bath bombs, bath slippers. That’s 16 things in your bathroom to help you exfoliate, moisturize, hydrate, relax, pamper and create a romantic look.

Shopping around to get her a special birthday gift? Looking for a holiday, anniversary, graduation, housewarming or thank you for a gift to enjoy that friend, family member or colleague? Then with a bath-gift basket, you simply can’t go wrong! But what really sets our gift baskets apart from the rest is presentation. We obsess over every detail from the choice of materials, the arrangements of the products to the color scheme to make sure that at first glance, a special person gasps in delight. Would you like to receive one sincere thank you note? Then give them Giftsational treatment!


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Highlights for Spa Bath Gift Basket

  • Go all out with our biggest gift bath kit yet. This 16-item Ocean Bliss spa kit includes douche gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body cream, body spray, rose-shaped sponge, pumice wooden brush, ribbon belt, glass lamp, gloves, 3x 100 g bath bombs, and bath slippers.
  • First experiences really matter. Create a lasting one with a gift-focused shower kit. This shower spa package will impress at first glance with its stylish extra large white woven basket (35 x 20 x 28.5 cm) and dark violet ribbon that creates regal contrast.
  • Get a bathroom spa package filled with high-quality products that are designed to never irritate you. Whatever the skin type, there’s no need to worry about gross breakouts. Everything you’re in for is smooth, soft, moisturized and radiant skin complemented by an invigorating fragrance of Ocean Bliss.
  • Amazement that has a loved one with a special gift that never disappoints. This women’s bath bomb gift package makes for the perfect treat to celebrate that birthday, wedding, graduation, holiday, housewarming, Mother’s Day, and all in between.
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