Multicolor Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

Want to immerse yourself in the ocean while you are in your bedroom, don’t worry we won’t fill your room with water instead we will use wave projector lamps to fill your room with soothing light waves. To add excitement, it has also a small stereo for light music.


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Highlights of Multicolor Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

  • It comes with 7 color modes including green, red, multi-color, etc. Change the color according to your mood.
  • It will create a perfect sea wave atmosphere.
  • Come with automatic shut-off and Wonderful gifts for kids’ rooms as well.
  • Long press the switch key 3 seconds to turn on the light mode 1 light, while lullaby music 1 play.
  • Short press the switch key to replace the light mode.
  • If you only need to replace the hypnotic song, press the remote control or host to replace the Previous or Next song.
  • When inserting the TF card or external source, the lullaby automatically shuts down.
  • When inserting the external sources, the host and remote control Previous or Next song cannot be operated.

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