How to Pick the Best Lap Desk For Gaming in 2021 – Buying Guide

Comfort is a vital part of the sometimes marathon-esque experience for gamers. This is why we think that a staple of every setup is gaming tables, gaming desks, ergonomic mice, and more. But not all gamers have the space to devote a single space to their digital adventures, which is why an important addition to their arsenal is the best lap desk for gaming.

With a range of features to ensure that your gaming laptop or mechanical gaming keyboard performs just as it should, without dedicating a whole room, a gaming desk for your lap ensures all the creature comforts of a complete setup. Instead, from the comfort of your living room, close to all the snacks, it helps you to engage in night-long fights against strangers and acquaintances from all over the world. Instead, it helps you to indulge in night-long fights against strangers and friends from all over the world, all from the comfort of your living room, close to all the food, refreshments, and true human contact that you won’t often get from getting away from yourself.

What To Look For In A Lap Desk?

You need to know what you need from the desk itself when obtaining a lap desk. If you play a lot of high-intensity games that use a mouse, for example, you’ll want a gaming lapboard with enough room for a mouse. Alternatively, while you play, you may want a lap desk pillow with a cup holder to keep you hydrated.

Should I Get A Lap Desk?

You should ask whether you’ll need it before you decide to purchase a lap desk. You might benefit from an adjustable laptop stand if you don’t like gaming at your desk or often find yourself using your laptop in bed. These stands boost ergonomics and make playing your favorite games easier for you.

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Best Lap Desks For Gaming

Couchmaster CYCON Lap Desk For Gaming

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The Couchmaster CYCON is our undisputed top choice for the best lap desk for gaming, with a multitude of features ideal for the gamer who never wants to leave the sofa (except, we’d hope to go to the bathroom). It has 4 USB ports, allowing your keyboard, wireless gaming mouse, and more to be mounted, and 3.0 technology is top of the line to ensure high performance at all times. This also guarantees a lag-free experience, so you can pwn all the n00bz you can with a flowing, quick frame rate that may be accused of hacking by some, but we’ll know the facts.

Compared to the other choices we’ve picked, it is slightly larger. It never feels too voluminous, though, and the armrests minimize possible strains on your arms and wrists so that you can enjoy gaming free of discomfort. The larger size also makes it easier to keep your gaming area tidier and well organized for pockets and simple cable housing features, which we can all admit is not always something gamers are known for. A mousemat and cable are included in the kit, and Velcro strips are also included to secure your keyboard and other peripherals to the setup so that you can enjoy trouble-free gaming on your couch, on the floor, and maybe even in the bathroom.

Key Features:

  • 4 3.0 Ports with USB
  • Lag-free at all
  • Internal leadership of cables
  • Cushions of memory foam
  • Fabrics in Leather-look
  • Reasonable for XboxOne, PS4, and PC
  • Inclusive mouse pad
  • Contained cable

Corsair LAPDOG – Gaming Control Center

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For near-universal networking, the Corsair Gaming LAPDOG provides 4 USB 3.0 ports to a number of devices, including Xbox One controllers, tablets, and, of course, your trusted keyboard and mouse. At first, its simplistic nature can be deceiving, but those with the right resources will love everything about it to optimize its potential. In your terms, F-ing Bull, the sturdy surface will withstand bouts of rage after something, and the quick charging help guarantees that you will never be separated from your mates, online or otherwise. The cable compartment keeps it conveniently out of the way and prevents you (or someone else) from tripping over in the night, while also helping to stop the wires from playing with curious animals.

If wide enough for a good range of movement, the 11 x 11 square inch mouse mat does not struggle with jumping or unresponsiveness, while the 16-foot cable makes some of the best movement without moving wirelessly. It is built with the keyboards in mind of the Corsair K70 and K65, which means that some of you may need to look elsewhere. However, if you have one of these keyboards, you can fail to find something that is as intuitive as your gaming experience.

Key Features:

  • Removable pillow for the lap
  • 4 3.0 Ports with USB
  • Lasting surface
  • Supports fast charging operations
  • Compartment with cable
  • “Area of the 11″ x 11” mouse mat
  • 16 ‘connection cable, connection cable
  • Built for K70/K65 Corsair keyboards

Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk for Laptops

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In recent years, laptops for gaming have become a major company. It used to be commonly believed that you needed a PC tower to have something similar to the computing power necessary for serious PC gaming, but with smaller and more powerful processors, that has changed. That’s where the Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk from Sofia + Sam comes in. It might not look like a gaming lap desk-the polished wooden surface hardly screams gamer-but it’s great for playing in bed or in an armchair on your laptop.

It is designed for laptops up to 17-inch and has space on the side for a mouse. At the back, it is also slightly elevated, which encourages a more optimistic sitting posture and makes the keyboard easier to use. A dense and plush layer of memory foam material that molds to the form of your knees is beneath the wooden board. With this, you can sit for hours at a time on your knees, without feeling any pain. The only downside is that it has no USB ports, so your wires will be free to dangle.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions – 22” x 14.5” x 2.55”
  • Fits up to 17” laptop
  • Memory foam layer
  • Polished wooden surface
  • Slightly raised back

HUANUO Lap Desk – Fits up to 17 inches Laptop Desk

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The Huanuo Lap Desk is built for laptop gaming and provides a relaxing way of using your laptop in bed or in your favourite chair. “It is designed to fit a 17” screen laptop or smaller. There’s a tiny mousepad for a USB mouse beside the laptop section.

The best thing about this unique lap desk is the amount of comfort that it provides. There are two Bolster Cushions on the underside. The cushion is elevated by around 2.5 inches at the rear, placing the lap desk at a slight angle. This makes the keyboard simpler to use and keeps you from having to lean forward. The laptop stopper and wrist pad are just other features we really like.

This not only stops the laptop from slipping into your stomach but also gives your wrists a break, reducing the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury).

Key Features:

  • 22.6′ x 15.2′ x 4.2″ Dimensions
  • Up to 17″ laptop suits
  • Pad for mouse
  • Keepers for laptops and smartphones
  • Pad for wrist
  • Dual cushions for bolster

WorkEZ Best Adjustable Lap Desk For Gaming

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Next, we have something slightly different here. More than just a lap desk for gaming, the WorkEZ Best Adjustable Laptop Cooling Stand is a lap desk. This versatile metal stand offers numerous forms of holding a laptop (gaming or not). You can use it in a slightly elevated position, lying down, sitting in bed, at a desk, and even converting your usual desk into a standing desk. It’s a completely versatile way to hold your laptop.

The 16″ x 10″ aluminum panel is designed to dissipate heat, so when you play a game that takes a lot of processing power, your laptop doesn’t overheat. The height can be changed from 2 to 18 inches and it offers a tilt of 360°. An ambidextrous mouse pad that clips to either side of the laptop stand also comes with it, allowing you to play more accurately.

Key Features:

  • 16” x 10” aluminum panel
  • Adjustable height – 2” – 18”
  • 360° tilt
  • Ambidextrous mouse pad
  • Cools laptop

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Lap Desk For Gaming Buying Guide

How We Choose Our Gaming Lap Desks

We want to ensure that, as with all our selections, we only identify and recommend the finest products available. It’s not as simple, however, as just picking out which products look cool (although that sometimes helps). Instead, to ensure we find the right products that deliver exactly what you expect them to, we use our tried and tested selection method. Here’s how we got it done:

Reviews – Reviews are, as always, our number one choice when searching for the best products to recommend to you. We do this because we rarely have the time to spend months ensuring that everything about a product is up to standard, so instead, we turn to customer testimonials that have used the product for months and perhaps years to help us get an informed idea.

We are able to work out the good, the bad, and the ugly through these reviews, and this ensures that we only select the highest quality products for you to add to your ever-growing setup of awesome gear.

Price – As we understand that not all of our readers have the need or the budget to pay for the best, most expensive equipment, we also need to think about the price of the products we recommend. We look for a range of products with varying prices that deliver exactly what you need to ensure everyone can find something for them. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional gamer or just a professional gamer.

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Features To Look For In Gaming Lap Desk

Before you celebrate choosing the best gaming lap desk by splurging your salary on all those games and extra gear you’ve had your eye on for a while, make sure you know which features are going to be most helpful to you. What works for some individuals, as with any product, may not be as true for your situation.

Size – Thinking about the size of your gaming area will assist you to decide which gaming lap desk is right for you, whether it’s your sofa, bed, or hammock. It should be large enough that you can easily sit with it wherever you play your games without feeling cramped or having to arrange it awkwardly to ensure that you have the maximum range of movement to use your mouse and reach the correct keys.

A desk that’s too big will make moving between keys more difficult, which could prove to hinder your performance. Similarly, depending on what you’re using, a lap desk that is too small may not give you enough space to keep your laptop or keyboard.

For optimal cable management, dedicated gaming lap desks also need sufficient space and size, so while you may prefer one that is more compact, it is important to consider how much more convenient a cable management section will be to help you save space and make it easier to organize your devices.

Mouse Surface – A decently sized surface of the mouse will give you an edge over other gamers immediately, but it’s not just the surface size you need to think about. Finding a lap desk with a surface that can read and react with the optic laser is essential for the best mouse performance.

You risk struggling to operate your mouse as you need to without this surface, which can have a catastrophic effect on your gaming performance. We recommend finding a mouse surface that is both large and responsive to prevent any unfortunate rage from quitting and mid-game meltdowns.

However, not all lap desks offer such a surface, and if this is the case, investing in a gaming mouse pad is essential to get the most out of your new, fully portable setup.

Comfort – While the best gaming chairs offer excellent back support and gaming desks often allow you to change the height to suit you better, with lap desks, this is not possible, and considering how long these gaming sessions can be, it is important that they do what they can to provide optimum comfort to keep you focused on your game.

With this in mind, for it to sit comfortably on your lap, it is essential to look for lap desks that provide cushioning underneath. Consider the design around where your wrists will rest, as rubbing and discomfort may be caused by a poor design. It should also not be too far away from the keyboard and mouse area, as that can contribute to the unwanted strain.

If you want to ensure complete comfort, finding a lap desk with ventilated areas to allow your devices to breathe and avoid overheating is also beneficial. This will not only help you keep cool, but it will also keep your accessories in top condition and help them retain high performance.

Final Thoughts

These are our favorite picks for the best lap desks for gaming. There you have it. We know that you may want a lot of different, specific features from your desk, so we’ve made sure that the best of them are covered here. Happy gaming and good luck!

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