How to Decorate Your Room and Wall for Christmas?

Holiday Home Decoration

Are you one of those people who like to go out and decorate your holiday home all the time, or are you a little minimalist? While many households restrict Christmas decorations to only a tree, others go all out and decorate every room in the house literally and even extend their efforts to the outside of their homes.

It’s a very personal thing to decorate for the holidays, and you don’t have to go crazy to the point that your whole home looks like Santa’s workshop has exploded within your walls. Christmas, however, is a happy time of year, so why not spread the joy to any room in the house? Here are some ideas on how to decorate each room for the holidays and even add as part of the décor some Christmas gifts.

1. The Living Room


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Nothing says “Festive Season” more than the Christmas tree when it comes to holiday decorations, and its pride of place is typically the most central space of the house in the living room. Smaller living rooms do well with artificial Christmas trees, and since they can be used for years and do not come with the dropping pine needle mess, many people still prefer them.

By adding a few garlands to the windows, poinsettias on tables, and scented Christmas candles on shelves and end tables, extend the Christmas décor. While sipping eggnog or mulled wine, you may also insist that everyone wears Christmas jumpers.

Hang some garland on the mantle around the window frames and stockings (if you have one). You may also place Christmas tree lights around bookshelves and windows or decorate a few jars and place them for a very dramatic look alongside each other with a strand of lights around them.

2. The Dining Room


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Where the holiday cheer is expressed the most is the family dinner table. This room is where family and friends sit together enjoying ample quantities of freshly prepared holiday meals, tasty wine sweets, and free-flowing spirits-only adults! A colorful tablecloth and a Christmas-themed table runner should feature on the table. Place on the table some candlesticks and drape around the stems with some garland.

The decorations for the Christmas tree are not just for the tree, so use a couple in the dining room. Hang around the windows and even on the tops of the chairs with some garland. You may also add a few baubles to the centerpiece of the table and also as a personal touch too – table setting. Small bowls of Christmas cookies can add a mouthwatering aroma to the room especially spiced ones, and invite guests to take a bite.

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3. The Kitchen

The heart of any home is the kitchen, so do not forget to decorate this special room. Christmas tree toppers can hang from windows, cabinets, or light fittings, and with specially themed kitchen cloths, you can add a touch of Christmas cheer.

To accentuate the windows and also have some mini artificial Christmas trees on the countertops, add some Christmas tree lights. In Christmas themed dishes, add a few bowls of nuts and cookies and turn your kitchen into an imaginative spot for a hot chocolate cup.

4. The Bathroom

You may not spend a lot of time in your bathroom, but don’t ignore the unofficial throne room of the building. You can place some garland around the window and mirror frames, just like other rooms. You’ll also be adding a fragrant feature to this room to keep away other smells if you can get fresh pine branches. Add some Christmas smelling candles such as pine or cinnamon as well.

Get some Christmas themed towels and even a shower curtain if you really want to go all out. You can still add a few snowflake decals if your shower is glass, just for fun.

5. The Bedrooms


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With a few simple decorations, turn your bedrooms into holiday sanctuaries. Hang a wreath on a prominent wall, add Christmas themed sheets to your bed and put a few tiny artificial Christmas trees on a nightstand or drawing chest. In the bedroom, candles are always a hit, so light up some scented Christmas ones. Get some Christmas pajamas for each family member and keep the holiday spirit going day and night.

6. Front Door & Entry

First impressions count, so don’t forget about the front door and your home entrance. A couple of Christmas tree stands will look really welcoming, holding up real Christmas trees, and don’t forget to put a beautiful Christmas wreath on the entrance. Go all out, place in front of the door a Christmas themed doormat, and get ready to welcome your guests.

You can go for the full North Pole Christmas treatment when it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, or have one or two parts in each room. Let the best parts of your home and your personality be seen by your decorative efforts. Even the drabbest looking home can be turned into a cozy and welcoming Christmas decoration, so add a little cheer and invite family and friends over during this wonderful time.

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