The Best Fun Door Mats to Buy in 2020

The wish of all of us is to salute your family members and visitors in the best possible way. You will first come across a door mat once you reach any room or corridor or any other location. Investing in a superior quality doormat is also a suggested idea. The doormats are made available in different sizes, designs, shapes, and colors in the current market. In the making of doormats, there are several different types of materials used, making them unique. You can find doormats made from cotton, coco coir, polypropylene, etc., for instance. Not only based on appearance but also in terms of function and texture, certain materials are special.

You should consider selecting a heavy-duty doormat that can absorb moisture, dirt, and debris easily. Doormats like these help you keep your home tidy. Make sure that the doormat you have picked is able to withstand harsh weather. You can go for easy-to-clean and pet-friendly door mats to make your investment more justifiable. The segment below helps you to select the best door mats easily: See also our recommendations on the Natural Rubber Door Mat, the Natural Coir Doormat, the Danica Studio Doormat.

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CHICHIC Entrance Door Mat Entry Way Doormat

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This entrance door mat is made of sturdy, environmentally-friendly rubber. It comes with a flocked fiber surface and has a vibrant pattern planned for it. It makes the overall design robust. This rectangular type door mat, unlike other cheaper mats, is more sturdy. It can absorb dirt and moisture without any hassle. Inside its patterned grooves, the unusual fabric style allows it to collect dirt. The muddy footprints in your position will be stopped. This entrance door mat can be washed quickly. Vacuuming, cleaning, or hosing it off is very easy.

This sturdy door mat can be used anywhere with zero slippage. On any floor form, the powerful non-slip rubber backing perfectly grips. No marks will be left behind. A beautiful look is provided by the sturdy stitched edges and makes this doormat long-lasting.

The Original Dirty Dog Doormat

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In the present debate, the Dirty Dog doormat is capable of soaking up mud, water, and dirt instantly. Your floors will remain dry and clean as a result. The cutting-edge technology in microfiber renders this door mat highly absorbent. The wicking ability of the included microfiber strands improves this door mat’s absorbency. The explanation behind this dirty dog doormat’s broad popularity is that it is the only mat that utilizes the robust “Gripper Non-Skid” backing. To prevent motion and skidding, this support is present at the foot.

The manufacturer used double embroidery and uniform stitching during the construction process. This doormat is, therefore, suitable for long-lasting use. At a pace five times faster than ordinary doormats, the built-in microfiber strands dry. This door mat is devoted to shielding the floors of your furniture and car seats from dirt and other mess.

BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat

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The mud doormat referred to above is prepared from super-absorbent fibers. Water, dirt, gravel, dust, sleet, mud, grass, rain, snow, etc. can be absorbed by these fibers. Your floors are kept dry and clean in this way. This entrance mat is a heavy-duty framework built-in. The indoor front welcome mat, kitchen rug, home decor, bedroom, dining room, laundry, office, garage, etc. are used.

One of the distinctive specialties is that you can easily cut this mud doormat to your tailored scale. In this way, it will suit your defined area perfectly. A non-slip and low profile is created in the design. The inclusion of non-slip latex help means the floors will not slip or scuff. The low profile style, in addition, means that doors do not get stuck.

Color & Geometry Indoor Doormat

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This waterproof doormat, capable of absorbing dirt and humidity, utilizes double-layer technology. This technology extracts moisture from shoes easily. This keeps the floors clean and dry from dirt, grime, rain, snow, and so on. Dirt from your shoes is removed by the ribbed fabric design. Excellent security is therefore provided to the floor. Shake it off or wipe it down if your doormat gets dusty, and allow it to dry.

This indoor/outdoor door mat is made with an anti-slip rubber backing. This material provides outstanding friction and it is non-slip. It means that moisture and water do not last long.

Indoor Doormat 24″x 36″ Absorbent Front Door Mat

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What makes this absorbent door mat so special is the design of its materials. It is prepared from polypropylene fabric of superior quality. This textile content is capable of absorbing water and mud. Using eco-friendly products ensures that your pets and children remain healthy. Dust, dirt, sand, mud, grass, snow, rain, and other uncertainty are held away by the vaguely elevated polypropylene cloth. This front door mat is beautifully equipped to perfectly match any decor in trendy colors.

This heavy-duty indoor door mat is typically used extensively for the bedroom, kitchen, entry, laundry, etc. The use of superior quality TRP “Gripper Non-Skid” backing is present in this flexible front door pad. This backing ensures that the mat remains in place. The pile shows a low-profile nature and unbreakable overlock edges that slip without curling under most doors.

Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

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This Gorilla Grip rubber door mat is made from all-natural rubber of superior quality. So, it is built to be robust and strong. It remains flexible and delicate despite being robust. This door mat’s construction showcases beautifully woven polypropylene fabric. In addition, to complement any decor, it is made available in 4 modern colors and patterns.

The construction of this rubber door mat is made of a durable beveled border of rubber. It helps trap dirt, dirt, and other messes perfectly. In addition, the polypropylene fabric preserves dirt within its patterned grooves and dries easily to avoid wear and tear from day today.

Indoor Doormat with Non-Slip Rubber Backing

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Go for this product if you are looking for an extremely durable and easy-to-clean doormat. It is prepared with 55% cotton and 45% microfiber. In addition, TPR Thermoplastic Rubber is the backing material used. Make sure your pets and children are healthy by using organic and eco-friendly materials. The door mat is constructed from odorless and non-toxic materials. So, to avoid dust, dirt, water, sleet, rain, snow, etc, it works well. Your floors, therefore, remain dry and clean.

In avoiding wet feet, this sturdy doormat excels. On the hardwood, tile, and light carpet, it effectively removes the dirty wet footprint. The non-skid style gripper backing guarantees that the mat slides or scuffs the flooring.

DII CAMZ34075 Hello Coir Doormat

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You will find that this doormat works well to withstand dirt and mud from shoes prepared from original coconut coir fiber. The natural fiber cells involved are saturated in sweat, trap dirt and debris. Therefore, the floors remain safe from the mess of the outside. It is prepared for your porch or entryway is the ideal size.

This coir door mat offers a low-profile build with 1/2 “thickness to prevent tripping.” The backing of the non-slip PVC prevents sliding and holds the rug in place. You can use it in your garage, patio, laundry room, or high-traffic space, in addition to your entrance and room. Each guest is greeted with style by his unique design.

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How to choose the Best Door Mats

Choosing the right door mats is not as straightforward as it seems. So, look at the variables that should be considered for the same


In several distinct sizes, doormats are made available. The size that best fits your door needs to be searched for. To get an idea of the right size, you should first consider the width of the entrance. Make sure that you do not want a door mat that is too short. Besides the height, you must also remember the total width of the mat.

Ease of cleaning

Periodic doormat cleaning is essential. Clean door mats are very effective in collecting garbage, dirt, mud, and other particles. Some door mats actually need you to shake the dirt off or use a vacuum. Some door mats, on the other hand, enable you to wash with running water from a hose.


The one which stays in place is a good door mat. A doormat must remain in place regardless of the weather. This especially applies when the weather is muddy. Generally, finding that your mat always shifts off your feet is distracting. Going for a heavy-duty and non-slip door mat is one of the best options for this. Such kinds of doormats come with backings that ensure that they remain in place.

Indoor or outdoor use

Determine whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors before buying a door mat. You need to consider a weather-resistant door mat if you plan to use it outdoors. Those door mats are made of coconut fiber, seagrass oven, or teak. Such robust doormats are capable of enduring abuse where indoor and outdoor traffic is heavy. For indoor usage, since they are not subject to heavy traffic, you can rely on less sturdy door mats.


These are the best door mats to consider in order to welcome others in style and keep your floor tidy. They are built to absorb various forms of mess and preserve the floor cleanliness.

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