Ellipse Magnetic Mid-Air Switch USB Powered LED Lamp

The Heng Balance Lamp is a light fixture with a magnetic mid-air switch.
This blends new technology with the art of hand-craftsmanship with a revolutionary magnet turn! The Heng Balance Lamp can be worked on with two magnetic balls. When you raise the magnetic ball at the bottom, the upper ball will draw it and the light goes on. However, the balls hold each other in balance that gives a cool face.

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Key Features

  • The fusion of classical and modern industry is not only a lamp but also a lifelong mindset.
  • Special magnetic suction switch “balance”: Place the following ball in the middle when it is balanced but even when the light is illuminated.
  • 48 LED light beads, 50,000 hours of companionship, warm light for your eyes, fabrics for the safety of the environment, this will offer you a peaceful and comfortable home.
  • Convenient USB power supply port, wear-resistant magnetic string, no strobe led, you need this lamp and we need to make you feel comfortable.
  • Modern design: suits every form of decor, including an office or bedroom, of course.
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