CuiZen PIZ-4012 Pizza Box Oven

The Pizza Box Oven brings your favorite pizza to a whole new level with its fun and unique style, Cook your pizza in a box-shaped oven! The Pizza Box incorporates top and bottom heating elements with a revolving, non-stick pan which is easy to clean. This cook, perfectly every time, up to a 12-inch pie.

Features include a cool-touch handle made of stainless steel, 1200 watts, adjustable thermostat with a maximum temperature of 525 degrees Fahrenheit and a 30-minute timer.

Accepts fresh or frozen pizzas, with rising crust included.

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Key Features

  • Cooks up to a 12-inch pizza
  • Rotating cooking surface with top and bottom elements
  • Adjustable thermostat control up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit and timer up to 30 minutes
  • Cool-touch stainless steel handle
  • 1200-watts of power to ensure a perfectly cooked pizza every time
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