The Best Cool Office Supplies You Can Buy in 2021

It is a well-known fact that the more organized your workplace would be, the more productively and efficiently you would do your work. Hence the space around you should be neat & clean as well as well managed, but unfortunately, not all of us are aware of the benefits of cool office supplies and gadgets. 

So here in this blog, we have come up with various cool office supplies and gadgets that can not only make your task easier but also give you a well-organized and soothing workplace. A few essential cool office supplies and gadgets include tape dispensers, motivational posters, desk organizers, mini USB vacuum, and others. 

Cable Concealer: DMoose Cable Management Box

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A right cable management box or Cable Concealer is essential for your office desk. Snaking cords running from the laptops, desktops, or various electronics appliances are not just unsightly but dangerous too, you must handle it with utmost attention and care. It is one of the must-have office supplies, and you should use an attractive and smart cable concealer.

DMoose Cable Management Box is one of the top-rated organizers for cords, power strips for home, or office. It has a rating of more than 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It is a smart and purposeful cable manager with a lid that hides away power strips, USB cables, surge protectors, adapters, and more for discrete home or office use.

It improves aesthetics and reduces accidents as it is electric shockproof and has a surge protector. It came with non-slip rubber feet for better stability. 

Document Shredder: AmazonBasics 6-sheet Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Cards Shredder

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While working in an office, you must have come across the situation when you need to get rid of some sort of documents, or canceled check, or a CD drive. Burning those things is not environment-friendly, and you can not throw it away directly because that could have sensitive information. Not to worry, here a shredder machine is waiting to serve you. You can dispose of all of these items using a standard shredder machine.

AmazonBasics 6-sheet Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Cards Shredder are one of the best in its segment. It cut papers into small confetti-like pieces measuring 0.2 by 1.9 inches with security level P-3 standards, and it comes with enough storage space at its bottom for your day-to-day tasks in the office. It can shreds up to 6 sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time, and there is no need to remove staples and paper pins or clips, which saves your time.

It can also decompose you used CD drive and credit cards or debit cards. You can have the best deal on the as it is the company’s trademarked product. 

Stapler: Bostitch Office Heavy Duty Stapler

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You might have come across the incident when you got frustrated while maintaining different papers and documents. A stapler at that time could help you a lot. You can tether many pages together and keep it and handle it properly. A stapler folds edges of the paper together and punches small holes with metal pins to keep all the pages tethered together.

You can pick Bostitch Office Heavy Duty Palm fit stapler. It can easily staple up to 40 sheets more than two times the standard stapler. It is small in size and can easily fit in your palm. Its clinch design can attract anyone’s eyes to your desk in the office. It has a capacity of 150 staples. It’s no jam technology eliminates frustrating staple jam in between your outstanding work. It is very affordable and a good bet, you can purchase it from It is the best seller in its category.

Scissors: AmazonBasics Multipurpose Titanium Fused Office Scissors

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While working in the office, you always deal with papers and documents and other stuff. You need to cut some of them properly to meet your need, and then you start looking for scissors. A scissors is a must-have tool on your office table. You can use any traditional stainless steel scissor, but if you would like to create impact and want to stand out of your peers, then go for AmazonBasics Multipurpose Titanium Fused Office Scissors.

You know titanium is lighter but three times harder than stainless steel, so you will not need to replace this frequently. Blades of this will remain sharp more extended than the ordinary steel scissors. Titanium is also corrosion-resistant. It is suitable for cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, photos, and many more.

It has soft-grip handles, and you can comfortably use it whether you are a right-handed or left-handed person. Surprisingly, it has a rating of 5 stars out of 5, on the e-commerce website It is a trustworthy product. You can order it blindly.  

Sticky Notes: Redi-Tag Divider Self-Stick Lined Note Pad

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Sticky notes are nothing but an office stapler. Most of the time, people think it as boring stuff, only a bunch of some old little pieces of paper that you can press here and there. But Redi-Tag’s sticky notes will change your mind if you also think like this.

Its dimension is four by six inches, more significant than any standard sticky notes, and they will keep your records as legible as possible. It also comes with the tabs. If you press them on the page you are reviewing; then the associated page can easily found by these little tabs. They are even color-coded.

The sticky adhesive on the rear side of it is water-based instead of chemical-based, so wherever it stickies won’t leave traces of themselves behind after removal. Also, one can move the notes from one location to another without starting all over again and writing again.

File Organizer: PAG Hanging File Holder

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You can use a File Organizer in your office space, it allows you to keep your file arranged, and you can quickly put your file hands on whatever you need without leaving or standing out from your chair. It keeps your table or desk neat and clean, which ultimately boosts your productivity and efficiency by keeping you calm and ordered.
It is where PAG’s hanging file holder comes in. It is of high-quality metal wire, elegant and contemporary mesh construction with anti-oxidant and anti-rust coating, suitable for many years use. It has five separate inclined slots to place your files, books, brochures, envelops, etc.

You can use the bottom compartment for the storage of small tools such as knives, scissors, keys, tapes, etc. You can hang it on the wall or put it on the floor and also. It has more than 4.5 stars out of 5 on the, one of the best selling product in this segment.

Drawer Organizer: Bamboo Office Desk Organizer

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Bamboo Office Desk organizer does not just organize your desk but also designed to get fit and slide into most of the drawers. None of us like litters on the work desk, we must place a desk organizer to keep small and rarely used items separately and safely.

It comprises eight small compartments, and all are adjustable. So you can adjust them to hold wherever you need them to hold comfortably. There is also a five inches extension that you can slide out to accommodate larger drawer. It made up of Bamboo. Hence it has a part of the environment that will always give you some positive vibes. It is stainless, and you can wipe it out by using hot water to clean it.

Mouse Pad: Belkin WaveRest Mouse Pad

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If you work on a desktop, you might already know the importance of a right mouse pad. You must have used several mouse pad, but if you have not used Belkin’s ergonomic pad, then you must try once. It is one step beyond all the mouse pad you have used yet. It has a special wrist rest pad, which relieves stress.

It is of polyurethane, which gives it durability. It will not wear off within a few months, even after consistent and heavy use. Polyurethane supports smooth gliding for your mouse, and its base, which is of rubber and will keep it from the sliding around. The wrist rest is nothing but gel, pleasant and comfortable, and its unique shape gives it an attractive style.

Paper Weight: SNAK Legal Lawyer Decision Maker Law Office Desk Paper Weight

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The SNAK Legal Lawyer Decision Maker Law Office Desk Paper Weight is sturdy and stable and just a few inches broad, so it gets the job done without being in the notice of someone and cluttering up your desk. It comes in a matte silver color. You can spin it, and the red dot in the center will stop next to one of several “settle,” or “guilty,” or “beg,” or “ insanity plea,” or “ ask mom,” or “not guilty,” or “lie,” or even “ plea bargain.” Its dimension is 3.5” W x 0.85” H x 3.5” D; It has durable metal with a center that spins on ball bearings.

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner: Honbay Ladybug Portable Vacuum Cleaner and Dust Sweeper

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It will help you to catch the crumbs and eraser shaving after meals or other small dust particles on your office table. Once you use it, you will be surprised by the feeling that even cleaning is fun. It is essential to wipe out clouds of dust from your working table; someone in your peer might be prone and allergic to dust. It is also part of your daily activity that before starting your daily business, you make your table arranged and neat & clean.

Hornby’s mini USB vacuum cleaner is easy to use, and convenient even a kid can use it safely. It has a cute design that gives your table a charming decoration. Very small in size yet powerful and effective, its size is 105mm * 85mm* 70mm, with just 158g weight. It is powered by two rechargeable AA battery of 3.0V.

Tape Dispenser: Officemate Recycled 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser

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While working in the office, you might come across the use of tape, and then you start frustratingly looking for the tape. To overcome this situation, you should have an office tape dispenser on your table. You can use this great product, Officemate Tape Dispenser. The manufacturers made it from recycled material. Therefore it is environmentally friendly.

It has a separate notch for different users, which you can also use for placing pens, pencils, scissors, etc. Hence it is called a 2-in-1 product.

It is also consist of two types of tapes, 2inches, and ¾ inches tape, its weighted base allows you to use it single-handedly without sliding. The manufacturers made it from 30% of recycled plastic.

Motivational Posters: Extra Large Motivational Posters By Global Printed Products

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Motivation plays an essential role in everyone’s life. You can do incredible work if you are motivated enough, and the small task seems like conquering Mount Everest if you are in the gloomy and demotivated mood. Motivational pictures and posters in office space give you the energy to push yourself more and more and achieve success in your career.

You can have Global Prints 10 Extra large Motivational Poster set for wall décor for your office. It is a set of 10 posters of size 24 x 17 inches, and signs like this maintain a positive attitude, good vibes, and self-confidence in the employees.

A portfolio: Executive Office Solution’s Professional Portfolio

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The collection is essential to keep your necessary document safe while you are traveling, or even if you are not moving, it is professional to keep records and certificates in a standard business portfolio folder. It also keeps your desk and working environment clean, and you will get all the needed documents at a single place without any hassle.
Executive Office Solutions’ Professional Portfolio is a product you should consider, especially if you are careless. The ample compartments inside can hold all your 8.5” x 11” documents safe and secure. It is as flexible as it can accommodate a thick stack of paper up to ½ inches. It has separate compartments you can keep pen/pencil, Id cards, pen drives, Kindle Devices or pads, etc. The manufacturers made it with synthetic leather with quality design and stitching of material.

Portable Speaker: Mediasonic’s TEANA Sound Bluetooth Speaker

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Sometimes you need a speaker to relieve yourself from the office’s stress and put back yourself on the track. You can listen to a soothing and calm song in a break and recharge with energy for the remaining day work. A portable speaker comes very handily at that time.

Mediasonic’s TEANA sound Bluetooth speaker comes with a solid wooden body frame construction that you can use at your office. It has superior sound quality and low bass around 50Hz up to the higher mid-range 2000Hz. It comes with 20W power.

Its woofer is designed with a rigid and light aluminum, and its specially designed geometry extends its sound clarity. The inside speaker is 100% enclosed in wood to increase acoustic resonance. It can play up to seven to eight hours once fully charged.

Headphone stand: GeekDigg’s Acrylic Headset Headphone Stand

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Headphone Stand is nothing but forms to the curve of your headphones. It not only creates a beautiful place to display them when they’re not in use but also an essential utility in your office. It does not takes up much space but will make sure to keep your headphones in the right and secure place.

There’s also the silicone headrest, which ensures the safety of your headphones and keeps their structure and enhances its life span. So, instead of just tossing them on your desk, you should have a proper stand that will now have a sweet home for your headphones.

It is thick and capable of holding bulkier headphones or headsets. Its thick base provides better stability to keep your headphones safe. It also has a cable organizer behind the arm of it to stay long headphones cables tidy. It is lightweight and easy to install. You can bring the stand with you wherever you move. The Universal and multifunctional headset stand is compatible with various brand’s headset, whether it is Sennheiser, Boots, Philips, Bose, etc.

Mini USB Cooling Fan: Varnado’s Flippi V6 Personal Cooling Fan

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It instantly cools down while you are working and get heated due to hectic work at your office. This little fan is the perfect size to be placed just right on the desk without occupying much space and causing a mismatch to your eyes. It comes with USB functionality, requires only a USB port, and you can plug it in just about anywhere or through any appliances like a laptop.

Vornado’s Flippi V6 cooling fan effectively move all the air around you. It comes with two controls and easy to use. It doesn’t make any noise and disturbing other colleagues. It is multidirectional and equipped with an adjustable tilt head and manual swivel base. It meets all US voltage requirements, well certified, safety-tested, and warrantied.

Amazon is giving you a great offer with a 3-year hassle-free promise to customer support and warranty.

Customizable chair: Lorrel’s High Back Mesh chair

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You are spending eight to ten hours in your office, but if you do not have a proper and comfortable chair to sit, you can not do your work efficiently. Your work efficiency and productivity are directly related to how comfortable and relaxed you are working. If you don’t feel cozy while sitting, how can you perform well?

Lorrel High Back Mesh Chair is a great product, features a mesh back that allows air to flow when you are seated to help you stay sweat-free and offers ergonomics supports for your lower back to prevent strain through extended seating. It is adjustable and customizable; you can comfortably adjust it as per your height and your desk height. It can swivel 360 degrees, allows you to rotate the chair for your convenience effortlessly, it also comprises seat slider, back angle adjustment, etc.

Wireless keyboard: Keychron K4 wireless keyboard

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You can get rid of untethered wire on your desk, by using a wireless keyboard. It enables you to do your work from the nearby office at some distance; also, you do not need to bound with your desk like a bound horse.

Keychron K4 wireless mechanical keyboard is a good option if you are looking for the same product. It has a compact design and comes with an inbuilt number pad, which gives you a great tactile typing experience. It can be connected with up to 3 devices through Bluetooth or to a single device with the USB Type-C wired option.

It comprises a highly reliable and broad compatible Broadcom Bluetooth chipset that is best for home and office use giving you the ample distance of connectivity range. It comes with Mac Layout also which includes all the Mac function keys. It has 4000mAh big battery, one of the most powerful among mechanical keyboards, and offer up to 72 hours typing or up to 7 days of regular working hours.

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These are the checklist for essential and cool office supplies, which can boost your productivity and efficiency, and which consequently results in your organizational growth. Use this checklist of unique office supplies and develop streamlined itemization of what you need and add on products as per your requirements. Do your research on what office supplies you want and select those which meet your specific requirements.

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