The Best Christmas Tree Decorations in 2021 – Buying Guide

The best decorations for the Christmas tree are really in the beholder’s eye. The web is full of bloggers and holiday professionals with ideas for tree decorating that can fit any budget and taste. We’re here, however, to tell you that what you think is cool is the best Christmas ornaments and really brings the spirit of the season alive to your home this year. If you believe the best are all-white Christmas tree decorations, or more rustic Christmas tree decorations suit the bill, it’s up to you!

We have searched the internet far and wide for beautiful Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree ideas, and for your shopping pleasure, we think we have a well-curated list. Here’s our list of the best ideas for decorating your Christmas tree!

The Best Christmas Tree Decoration

KI Store 34ct Christmas Ball Ornaments

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A well-appointed Christmas tree without any colorful balls hanging from the branches is hard to picture. You definitely should remember KI Store’s 34ct Christmas Tree Decoration when you are building your list for the necessities this year. For those who want to store their decorations and use them for many years, these shatterproof Christmas decorations are fine.

Each count of 34 comes with a combination of hooks with smooth and textured balls to affix them to the tree. With nine color options available, there’s a kit for every taste! Check out our list of the best Christmas tree toppers to pick the perfect cherry on top.

Key Features:

  • The plastic, the structure is shatterproof
  • Set of 34
  • Glitter, matte, and gloss finishes
  • Useful on numerous occasions
  • Hangers of wire

Sea Team 155-Pack Assorted Shatterproof Christmas Tree Decoration

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The Sea Team 155-Pack Shatterproof Christmas Tree Decoration package is the one for you if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all kit! This kit contains a wide range of forms, sizes, and designs. This kit has something for everyone, from bells to balls, particularly if you are looking for a wide range of medium-to-small sized ornaments for your tree. This kit, available in three distinct colors, should be able to suit most of any standard-sized tree.

Make sure you have a reliable Christmas tree stand as well.

Key Features:

  • Set of 155
  • The plastic, the structure is shatterproof
  • Different Types of Hanger
  • Glitter, matte, and gloss finishes

Crazy Night Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Poinsettias are a lovely family shrub from Central America that is mostly imported for Christmas decorations. A reusable and beautifully close re-creation of the plant is the Mad Night 12-Pack Glitter Poinsettia Christmas Tree Decoration. This ornament is shipped in a pack of 12, which should be appropriate to decorate most family-sized trees. These also double as perfect box bows for your Christmas presents if you end up with a few extra poinsettia ornaments after the tree is decorated.

Key Features:

  • Make great garland additions
  • One-color available
  • Ships without clips

VINMEN 2020 Quarantine Christmas Tree Decoration

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If you just want to shelter on the spot this season, the VINMEN 2020 Quarantine Christmas Tree Decoration will help keep you safe. This DIY kit gives you everything you need for your own Christmas tree ornaments to design and make. With cheeky rolls of toilet paper built into the lettering and the sign of the times and other discreet nods. This is the package for you and your entire family if you just want to keep the mood light this Christmas and celebrate with a chuckle.

Key Features:

  • Messaging that is light-hearted
  • Hopefully, this year is just important,
  • A reminder if we made it
  • For multiple family sizes, available

Gnomes Christmas Tree Ornaments Set of 8

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The gnomes are funny and adorable, and they might just be real! If the IDOKER 8-Pack Gnomes Christmas Tree Decoration is hanging from your tree this year you should tell your children that anyway. The magic that is Christmas is these sweet little handmade ornaments, and who doesn’t need a little magic in their lives? It’s not enough to cover your tree completely with this pack of eight gnomes, but they will definitely add a nice little touch, especially if you have children running around in their Christmas pajamas.

Key Features:

  • Three color options
  • Built-in cloth hangers
  • Set of eight
  • Handmade

Hicarer Christmas Wooden Bead Garland

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It might be time to move into the major leagues this year if you’ve been making popcorn garland all your life. Hicarer Wooden Bead Garland Christmas Tree Decoration is a great way to class up your tree and keep your popcorn where it belongs, in your lap. These wooden beads are about half an inch in diameter and are 300 to a 12-foot-long line.

For these garland strings, four color options are available. You might suggest a few segments if you want to stretch around the whole tree, or just wrap this with some tree trimmings around the banister of your house, great!

Key Features:

  • Four color options
  • 300 beads in total
  • Lightweight and won’t sag your tree

TURNMEON Plush Christmas Ornaments Set

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There are few characters that are more popular than Santa, and the snowman, bear, and elk are his pals. The TURN ME ON 8 Piece Plush Christmas Ornaments Decoration Package is your move if you’re looking to really create the look of old school Christmas decor with modern touches! The perfect addition to a classic American Christmas tree design are these felt and burlap dolls. Two of the four characters come with each kit: Santa, snowman, bear, and elk. These also yield fantastic gifts. They will love the kiddos! Since adults deserve the best as well, make sure to check out our list of dads’ top Christmas gifts as well.

Key Features:

  • Classic Christmas characters
  • High-quality material
  • It could be used for presents or decorations
  • Like Santa, Snowman, Bear, and Elk

iPEGTOP 36 Yards 2.5″ Wired Burlap Christmas Ribbon

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It can also play several roles in your holiday rollout, one of the best parts of Christmas decor. These Burlap Christmas Tree Ribbons iPEGTOP 36 Yards 2.5in look as good on a tree as they adorn your favorite gift for your favorite individual. Each of the six rolls features a distinct, holiday-inspired theme that is ideal for wherever they go to add some light and shine.

For your shopping pleasure, iPEGTOP has developed seven different color combinations and patterns, so make sure you match this purchase with the remainder of your holiday aesthetic!

Key Features:

  • Six rolls that equal 36 yards
  • Stuff for natural burlap
  • Versatile and elegant
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Seven choices for color and design

OWUYUXI 8 Pcs Burlap Christmas Tree Decorations

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A fine throwback to a simpler period is a little touch of burlap. As citrus fruit was not available in the winter, back when oranges used to be a special Christmas present. Although still retaining some meaning in the present, Burlap is a reference to the past. You get all the holiday icons in teeny tiny bags, ideal for sprinkling around your tree, along with your favorite Christmas tree decorations, with OWUYUXI’s 8 Piece Burlap Christmas Ornament Kit.

A separate but significant aspect of the season is each small piece of décor. So when you purchase this package of 8 or 16, make sure you get all of them on the tree and around the property.

Key Features:

  • Stuff for natural burlap
  • Complete Eight Bits
  • Versatile and elegant
  • Accents Plaid

Morex Ribbon Swirl Ribbon

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He wants a little ribbon every Christmas! Why no more ribbons this year? You’ll have more than enough to decorate the tree, line packages, and tie a sweet bow around the family dog with the Morex Ribbon 50 Yards 2.5in Swirl Ribbon. Only be vigilant about the glitter. They can get this stuff everywhere! There are 50 yards of white and silver ribbon in each roll, good enough for a few holiday seasons!

Key Features:

  • Sparkling swirls
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Multiple fabric-value ventures in one roll
  • Slightly translucent

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Christmas Tree Decoration Buying Guide

Features of Christmas Tree Decorations to look for

Type – Christmas is a worldwide festival celebrated on earth just about everywhere. With such a big number of people celebrating the same holiday, you will certainly find a lot of variation in modern Christmas tree decorations from all over the world. It’s easy to see why people will fall back on their old way of doing things and keep the look the same each year with so many different ways of decorating the tree, but what’s the fun in that?

One of the most popular and famous decorations you’ll find around the world is glass ball ornaments. Often known as “baubles,” these little balls are also decorated to remind them of all their good luck with the names or memories of people during the year.

More choices are made of glass, but in various shapes and sizes, to extend on from the glass ball ornaments. The glass choices have actually been extended by glassblowers, replicating objects such as icicles and teardrops and other different types.

Garlands and tinsels from the Christmas tree are also a popular way of classifying your tree. This decoration style brings the look of a snowy landscape into the interior of your home, without the chill! Garland comes in a number of different types. As a kid, you might remember stringing popcorn or greenery onto dental floss or thread. That’s a garland, my friend! However, you can buy artificial garland that comes in several great shapes and sizes if you don’t feel like wasting your precious popcorn on your tree.

Another common way to decorate the tree is to have Christmas lights, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, like many of the other choices on this list. The most popular colors you’ll find while shopping for tree lighting are yellow, white, and red, but a fast Amazon search will turn up a large range of colors to match every theme.

A tree-topper, eventually. Without something adorning its very top, it’s hard to call a Christmas tree completely decorated. One of the most popular ones to sit atop your Christmas conifer is the star or angel, but any manor of a symbol will work; it’s your holiday, after all!

Material – You should be of utmost concern about the design of your Christmas tree decorations. From year to year, many people prefer to hold decorations, storing them in some out-of-the-way room in their home. Often these decorations get a rushed pack up and then sit for a year, so it should be important to ensure that your pieces have the type of design quality that will allow them to make it a few seasons!

Very thin glass covered in a thinner layer of spray paint is the traditional bulb decorations which you see most often on Christmas trees. And you should take extra care when storing these for the year to pack them in a way that over the summer they don’t turn into dust.

Incandescent bulbs are the lights you most frequently see on Christmas trees, meaning they are old fashion! Many businesses are now starting to manufacture LED Christmas lights, which not only look fantastic but are also much simpler for your energy bill and the climate. So if you’re on the lookout this year for some new bulbs, look for a box of LEDs!

Color – The holidays are a time for great color around the house for some decorators. Reds and greens abound in a home decorated in a classical way. When it comes to classifying the place a bit, silver and gold are also a pleasant touch. Only don’t go too nuts!

An all-white Christmas can also be a fun touch. This classy look takes some action, but in this clean aesthetic, you can find a tree, garland, tinsel, wrapping paper, and just about everything else you need.

Ultimately, a rustic Christmas could feel a little more suitable for you. If so, to add the log cabin feeling to your house, there’s an endless supply of wood-themed ornaments and decorations. Nothing in your hand feels like Christmas more than a rustic aesthetic, a roaring fire, and a steaming hot beer!

Glitter – Don’t. Not once either. For the rest of the year, glitter is a bad look if you don’t want to be picking glitter flecks out of your hair and carpet.

We highly advise you to look for something in the product name with No Mess” if you insist on the sparkly material. These cleverly crafted decorations guarantee that the glitter is close enough that they can be knocked loose by no amount of abrasion. You’ll thank us if you don’t waste a weekend rolling your carpet with lint.

Final Thoughts

Never let any patterns decide how to decorate your home for Christmas. Place as many string lights in the room as you want and make them as colorful or as monochromatic as you want, if you are the kind of person who loves the soothing ambiance of lights. If you like animals that are stuffed, fill the living room with stuffed animals. Like the season, do you? Go for a beach-themed solution, then. Christmas is all about making your house a home, so make the most of the room you have and make it as customized as you can possibly be.

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