Boxing Day (2020 ): What is Boxing Day? | History of Boxing Day

Celebrated the day after Christmas, Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom and in places that had once been British colonies at some point in their history. It is held in Iceland, Tanzania, Australia, Fiji, Hong Kong, Denmark, Belize, and about twenty other countries. Today, it’s one of the busiest shopping days of the year, not just in the UK, but also in Canada and many Australian states.

When is Boxing Day 2020?

Boxing Day 2020 is on Thursday, December 26, 2020

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is traditionally a day after Christmas Day when wealthy people in the UK would give their servants a box containing a gift. Boxing Day is better known today as a bank or public holiday on December 26, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional legislation.

History of Boxing Day

If you’re not familiar with Boxing Day, you might be tempted to think there’s something to do with this holiday, which is totally wrong. While there are many hypotheses that try to explain where the term came from, most scholars agree that it most likely relates to the’ boxing’ tradition of the seventeenth century, which means a present or gratuity put in a box and given the day after Christmas to somebody.

A Xmas gift was often offered to tradesmen and servants in the UK to reward good service they received throughout the year. This practice comes from an even older tradition— in the Middle Ages — where servants were allowed to visit their families the day after the holiday, after serving their masters, and these servants were often given a gift box containing money or sometimes leftover food.

Today, on the same day as St. Stephen’s Day, a religious holiday, this historically secular holiday falls. This holiday is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom and some former British Commonwealths. If the day falls on a Saturday, the banking holiday will be followed by the following Monday. This day is observed in some states in the United States as a public holiday. These include Texas, Kansas, Virginia, Kentucky and North and South Carolina.

While in some areas it’s a busy shopping day, other retailers are forbidden from opening their stores on this day. For example, due to provincial law, most stores in Canada are prohibited to open their doors on this day.

Activities on Boxing Day

Give yourself time

You enjoy a volunteer time there if you choose the service. Give blood to your nearest blood bank. Create an online donation to your favorite charity or organization, not only in the material world must the spirit of giving be.

Boxing Day party

Invite your friends after Christmas and throw a party! Don’t let the next day’s spirit die. Consider it a gift holiday purchased or a re-gifting party for all those odd pairs of socks that Grandma gave you …

Food and Drink on Boxing Day

The food and drink on Boxing Day are more relaxed than Christmas Day with guests often popping in for a snack or tipple.

Lunch is usually a buffet or Christmas lunch leftovers. Baked Ham, along with pease pudding, is a popular Boxing Day meat and, of course, thin pies with brandy butter or a slice of Christmas cake or other dessert are almost required.


Whether you choose to enjoy a happy Boxing Day, watch a sporting event or go shopping, it’s the ideal day to spend with your friends and family. It’s also a great day to think about those who support you throughout the year and those who might be less fortunate.