Water Dispensers – What to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler Dispensers?

A water dispenser is a refrigerated device that cools (or heats), filters, and dispenses water for drinking, also known as a water cooler or a water cooler dispenser. Although in a communal area like an office, you may more frequently see a water dispenser, more and more people are seeing the appeal of installing one in their own home.

For personal use, water dispensers are more readily available than ever before. This guide will help you to become more familiar with your choices if you’re struggling to determine what the best water cooler dispenser, jug dispenser, or bottleless dispenser is for you.

What is a Water Dispenser?

It’s a device that cools and dispenses water. The reason why water dispensers are so popular is that they need no plumbing and can easily fit in anywhere owing to their compactness.

Why Would I Need A Water Dispenser?

Having a water dispensing machine in your home, office, gym, or company has many advantages. They create water of clear quality, are easy, inspire people to drink more, save money, minimize waste, and use less bottled water to reduce your carbon footprint. Owing to the lack of sanitary drinking water, some individuals may need a water cooler, while others may shop for a water flavor dispensing device.

Whatever your purpose might be, to pick the best water cooler choice for you, here’s all you’ll need to know.

Water Cooler vs. Water Dispenser

A water dispenser is not inherently a water cooler, even though all forms are dispensers. Two types of water dispensers exist one that does not cool the water (usually non-electric) and one that cools and dispenses the water with an electric water cooler.

Normally, any type can fit regular water bottles (two, four, or five gallons) that you can purchase already filled with either drinking spring, purified, or treated water, or that you have filled with proper drinking water.

Types of Water Coolers:

Additionally, here are a few other water cooler application types:

Point of Use: Typically the highest in cost, if you have an available water line to tap into, these units are useful. Water coolers often save time and costs when treating 2, 4, or 5-gallon water bottles at the point of use.

Top Load Bottled Water Cooler: In general, top-loading bottled water coolers are less expensive than coolers for point of use, and save some time and work with the initial setup. You simply put the 2, 4, or 5-gallon water bottle you have purchased or filled from the store on the unit and plug it in instead of tapping into your home or office water line!

Bottom Load Bottled Water Cooler: If you like the taste and consistency of gallon water bottles purchased from the supermarket, but as the appearance of a bottleless cooler, this choice is great. The 2, 4, or 5-gallon cooler sits in a cabinet in the lower part of the unit instead of sitting on top of the cooler, which can take up some room.

Countertop Water Dispenser: Similar to the above application, in cases where energy is either inaccessible or insufficient for you to cool the water, these units are the least expensive and operate perfectly.

Countertop Water Cooler: A countertop water cooler is an acceptable option if you are in a small space like an apartment, a holiday home, or a spot without potable water. The countertop units save room and money.

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Best Water Cooler Dispenser Reviews

Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

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The Avalon A5 is a water cooler dispenser that includes dual filters that can filter up to 1,500 gallons (or 6 months’ worth) of water, a sediment filter, and a carbon block filter. The Avalon cooler, being fully bottle-less, will help you save money on bottled water, while still offering the same quality and taste.

You can configure the Avalon to suit your tastes, with three temperature settings. You can choose cool or crisp cold water, or you can even set the temperature to warm for tea or coffee. The hot water spout has a safety lock to keep the device safe for children to use, and there is also a built-in night light, so you can pour a cup of water securely into all levels of light.


  • NSF certified
  • Easy to install


  • No comprehensive NSF qualification details
  • Some users have found the flow of water too sluggish.

Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Touchless Bottleless Cooler Dispenser


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This Avalon offers easy, no-fuss access to contaminant-free water as a countertop self-cleaning bottleless water dispenser. This water cooler has a carbon block filter approved by the NSF that eliminates chlorine and heavy metals such as lead, as well as a filter for sediment that removes suspended particles such as dust and rust.

The unit comes with a complete installation package, including tubing, an under-sink adaptor, and a valve for shut-off. The filters in the device are built to last for 6 months, which is fairly typical for a countertop cooler dispenser, and when they need to be replaced, you can easily access them at the back of the machine.


  • The NSF-certified carbon filter
  • For added thoroughness, dual filters


  • Replacement filter cartridges are very costly.
  • Some users couldn’t find a button for self-cleaning

Primo – Easy Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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When it comes to style, the black bottom-loading water dispenser Primo ticks all the boxes. This water cooler looks less like the unit you would find at your local gym with a sleek external exterior, and much more modern and kitchen-friendly.

The Primo setup is easy, and you don’t need any equipment for the job. Since it’s a bottom-load dispenser, you just slot the drip tray in place, slide your water bottle into the bottom water storage section, and connect the nozzle and spout. There’s no need to link the unit up to your plumbing.

There’s no water filter in the Primo, so this one is really just an option for you if you’re planning to use already-filtered water in the machine, or just looking for quick access to hot and cold water. If you purchase Primo’s filtered water for this cooler, it seems that the water is handled with reverse osmosis, which eliminates and reduces a whole host of water pollutants.


  • New, elegant style
  • The setup is quick and takes less than 5 minutes to set up.


  • A water filter does not contain
  • The fridge is fairly loud.

hOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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It is simpler to remain hydrated with the hOmeLabs water dispenser with a bottom-loading configuration. Simply open the drink dispenser door, take it out, fill it with water, then load it back inside and insert the water probe when you need to refill the system’s water bottle. The bottle is not turned upside down or lifted up high to be filled.

This water cooler dispenser is ideal for bottles of between 3 and 5 gallons. As it is recommended that we drink about half a gallon of water a day, this will last between 3 and 5 days for a family of 2 or between 1.5 and 3 days for a family of 4 before refilling the bottle would be required. The unit is 40.9 x 14.2 x 12.2 inches in size, but it suits a reasonably large bottle and is built to fit into any home or office space.

In the hOmeLabs cooler dispenser, there’s no filter. Their job is to provide you with cold or hot water at the touch of a button, so this is not the dispenser for you if you’re looking for filtered water. You can simply rinse cleanly with an easy-clean drip tray and refill it when the tray is finished. To make it easier to pour yourself a drink at night, there is also an LED night light, and a child protection lock to avoid hot water scalding.


  • Easy bottom-load design
  • Easy and safe for the whole family to use


  • No water filter included
  • Refrigerator is quite loud

Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Load Water Cooler

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The bottom-load water cooler of the Whirlpool self-cleaning stainless steel dispenses both hot and cold water. A technology called 6th Sense Cleaning is used in this water cooler, which automatically injects unstable oxygen into the water to remove pollutants. This oxygen, known as ozone, acts to disinfect water almost as much as chlorine but is natural and chemical-free.

The Whirlpool lets you know the exact temperature of your hot and cold water with an LED display screen (and you can change this to suit your preferences) and shows a note when the self-cleaning machine is working. You can use this water dispenser in a home or office for several years since it is made to last, as it is constructed to commercial grade specifications.

The Whirlpool has a few design and safety features that make it more robust and reliable to be used by your entire family. In regular usage, the water faucets are built to be unbreakable, and the hot faucet is child-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidental burns. Many water coolers fail to retain their refrigerated water at 50 °F, but the Whirlpool does one better and delivers water at 40 °F, so if you’re a fan of ice-cold water, it’s a decent option for you. You’ll end up with less water left behind in the container due to the unit’s easy bottom-loading technology, and there’s a heavy-duty water pump that pulls water powerfully and gets it to where I get it.


  • With unstable oxygen injection, chemical-free disinfecting
  • Cools water down to 40 ° F correct


  • No details on precisely what substances are extracted
  • No dispenser spouts, making it hard to see exactly where water flows from

Avalon A1WATERCOOLER A1 Top Loading Cooler Dispenser

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With a simple top-loading configuration, the Avalon A1 is a water cooler. This water dispenser cooler is a great choice for lower budgets at about $100, and needs only a little more effort than a more costly alternative to bottom-loading.

You can use the Avalon for both hot drinks, or even foods such as instant ramen, and cold refreshments with different hot and cold water spouts. The dispenser is Energy Star certified, so you will not waste energy and have to pay higher-than-necessary bills in your home or office with it installed. It even has a child protection lock on the spout of hot water, so you can trust it in a home with small children.

The Avalon A1 has a slender, reasonably trendy build for a top-loading water cooler. And in small spaces around your house, it won’t look bulky. It is also easy to set up, with the top portion of the unit built to carry 3 to 5 gallons of water bottles.


  • Great for smaller budgets
  • Slim, compact design


  • Doesn’t filter water
  • Some customers experienced leaking

Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

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The Giantex is a typical top-loading water cooler with a twist: under the dispenser assembly, it has a useful storage cabinet. The Giantex is a more basic water cooling and dispensing option, offering both hot (between 190 °F and 203 °F) and normal temperature (between 42 °F and 50 °F) water, with a functional, simple design that is ideal for lower budgets.

On the Giantex, there are three lights that let you know the system’s working status-there is a light for “hot”, a light for “power” and light for “cold.” The system needs that you turn a water bottle upside down as a top-loading water cooler and slot it in place on the water barrel collection of the unit. This seat is reusable, which makes it simple to remove and clean.

There are a couple of switches on the back of the Giantex that let you turn off either the heating or cooling feature, or both at once if you do not want to cool or heat your water. To prevent small hands from scalding, there is also a user-friendly safety lock on the hot water dispenser that you can toggle.

If you’re looking for something for your home office, a conference room, or your kitchen, the conventional and ergonomic nature of the Giantex makes it a water cooler for all occasions. It’s pretty simple in style, just don’t expect it to win any design competitions.


  • Great value for money
  • Basic and user-friendly


  • Doesn’t filter water
  • Not the most modern design

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Water Cooler Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

With all the choices available, trying to find the right water dispenser for your home or office can be a little daunting. That’s why we assembled the following buyer’s guide to help you understand and make an educated decision about the ins and outs of water coolers.

Water Coolers & Dispensers Benefits

Getting an office water cooler or home water cooler will help you save money and enjoy clean water during the day at your desired temperature.

Some of the benefits of a dispenser with a water cooler are:


A water dispenser allows you immediate access anytime you want to drink clean, filtered water, in both your hot and cold drinks. To pick up a crate of water bottles, there’s no need to make a trip to the store. In your own home or office, water coolers allow you access to clean water.

Environmentally Friendly

The need to buy bottled water is removed by bottle-less water coolers, which means you can do your bit for the environment and dramatically cut down on plastic waste. As water filter dispensers effectively offer water the same care that bottled water gets, without having to stock up on water bottles, you can enjoy a near-identical taste.

Temperature Options

As well as a choice for filtered boiling water, which you can use for your hot drinks, most water coolers have a cold water spout. This offers you more versatility than most filters of water that do not work with hot water.

In this scenario, after filtering it, the water dispenser coolers heat water to boil, so the hot water will not do any harm to the filters.

Ease of Refill

A water cooler, which is one of the greatest conveniences, doesn’t need to be refilled regularly. You can typically only attach it to your main water line and use water from your plumbing if you get a countertop water dispenser.

More work is required for top-loading and bottom-loading water dispensers-they contain a big bottle of water (about 3 to 5 gallons in size), which you will need to take out and refill when empty.

In bottom-loading water dispensers, this work is easiest, allowing you to place the bottle inside the machine without lifting it. A little more strength and accuracy is needed for top-loading water coolers, as you will have to flip a heavy water bottle upside down, tie it to the cap of the dispenser, and slide it in place.

Cost Savings

The greatest cost advantage of buying a home water dispenser is that you don’t need to buy bottled water anymore. While water coolers at about $150 to $400 are a bigger up-front investment, if you spend $30 to $50 per week on water bottles, you’ll easily earn back the initial spend.

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Considerations When Buying a Home Water Dispenser

There are a number of considerations you should make when deciding on a home water dispenser for you, including:


Many home water dispensers for top-loading and bottom-loading are designed to carry water bottles up to 5 gallons in size. At the very least, you should expect a device to carry a 3-gallon water bottle, which would minimize the number of times during use that you have to refill the bottle.

The benefit of bottleless drinking water dispensers is that they have no maximum power, as they are linked to your home’s water line.

Ease of Use

To use any kind of filtered water cooler, there is no complicated science-you just click the hot or cold water button depending on what you want-but some need a little extra maintenance.

Depending on your household’s size and how much water you use, top and bottom-loading water dispensers need to be refilled every 2 to 4 days. If mobility is a problem for you, you can especially struggle with a top-loading cooler, which needs a large water bottle to be raised up high.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of water coolers are constantly turned on, allowing you all the time to access hot and cold water. Look for a water cooler dispenser that has an Energy Star ranking if you don’t want to wait around for your water to heat up or cool off, which means it’s built to be energy-aware and won’t waste energy when turned on.

You do not want to use your computer all the time for hot or cold water. For example, if you only needed hot water in the morning for cups of tea or coffee, there are plenty of machines that allow you to turn off the afternoon heating feature and only have the refrigerator running, which will help you cut down on energy waste. For the cooling feature, the same also goes.

Temperature Features

If it’s a countertop, top-loading, or bottom-loading device, the basic expectation for a water dispenser is that it would have both hot and cold temperature choices.

The heat should be almost boiling, hot enough to be used in hot drinks and instant foods. The temperature is usually about 50 degrees F, or 10 degrees cooler than the room temperature. There’s even a room temperature water option for some water coolers, but this is not popular.

Safety Features

You’ll want to look for one that has a safety lock on the hot water spout if you’re going to make your whole family use your water cooler.

Accidents can happen, and when you are not around, you don’t want your young kids to scald themselves by flipping the hot water on. Fortunately, almost every water dispenser we’ve come across has some kind of hot water locking feature, so you’re not restricted to choosing it.

Final Thoughts

You should have no trouble finding the right water dispenser for your office and home if you consider the following factors mentioned above. Do not be hasty to choose a unit because this is not an expenditure in the short term.

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