The 11 Best Desk Fans in 2021

If you’re too hot it’s hard to focus. When you’re trying to get your work done, we’ve all been in that situation, but the sweat drips down your face and your mind is on cold, strong beer and cool swimming pools! If you’re an office or have no wall aircon at home, you ‘re going to have to take things into your own hands. You’ll have to buy a fan at your desk.

Desk fans come in all kinds of shapes and designs so you’ll need to choose the best one for your needs. If you’ve got a big office you ‘re going to want a bigger fan. If you like silence when you work, then you’re going to need a quiet one. Whatever your needs, this list includes a tiny fan to fit in. Here are the market’s 11 best Desk fans.

Fancii Small Personal Desk USB Fan

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The USB fan of the Fancii Small Personal Desk has a really simple design that would lend itself to any modern office. It comes with an outer shell of either black or white and a functional metal stand. The stand is adjustable to point the fan in various directions. This is a design that we haven’t seen on this list from a desk fan yet. It’s really an easy and efficient way to make the fan adjustable, without the need to fiddle with buttons or screws. This is one of the only fans that can be tilted 180 degrees, making it the most versatile desk fan on here, probably.

This high-velocity fan is small enough not to take up valuable desk space, at just over 6 inches. There are two fans inside, which gives you double the refrigerating power. Plus, it is quieter than equivalent models by 25 percent. This is something the company puts as a feature, but we can’t be sure exactly which versions are these. She’s a quiet fan anyway. It is lightweight and portable and uses a USB lead to the plugin. It has double speed settings and is powerful enough to keep one person calm.

Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan

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That fan ‘s got an industrial look about it. It’s not unlike the fans used to create wind effects in movies-only much smaller. When you are looking for something with a little more power than the last two fans, then it’s certainly worth considering the Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan. This little beast has three, instead of the two speeds we’ve seen on the previous fans. The third speed provides a good amount of power for a mini desk fan. The reviewer places the fan ten feet away from a duster in one YouTube review and the fan is powerful enough to make the duster move in. It would never be enough to cool down an entire space like cooling tower fans, but it does have plenty of strength to cool you down on a hot summer day.

It’s made entirely of plastic but it has a solid and durable feel. It’s a very high-quality little desk fan, for the size. This fan was also specifically designed to be quieter than its predecessor, the Honeywell HT-809, but lost a bit of power in the process. The difference is not big, but if you’re not worried about the noise, you might buy the Honeywell HT-809 just as well.

OPOLAR 4 Inch Mini USB Desk Fan

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Look of fresh air, Opolar says. Scouting for the very best in circulation fans is no longer a question thanks to the Opolar desk fan, which with its impressive features and specifications surpasses the multitude on the market there. In addition, due to the different settings, it is well suited for office and home use. Additionally, you can select your preferred direction of the wind with the machine’s 360 degrees up and down change.

The Opolar desk fan is designed with a 5.2-inch frame and a 3.8-foot cable, in addition to all these fantastic features; the ideal size that allows you to experience simple and trouble-free portability. The ideal cable length also allows for quick fan movement within the home or office. However, caution must be taken with the movement that has been observed and performed properly, as the cable is connected to the fan by design. And if you’re not persuaded yet, rest assured that you’re completely covered with the one-year warranty added to this desk fan, as well as the 30 days no-hassle refund.

Honeywell HTF210B Quiet Set Personal Table Fan

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The Quiet Set Personal Table Fan from Honeywell HTF210B is a little more hi-tech than the first four fans in this series. It looks totally different, for a start. You ‘d expect this fan to be tall instead of the round shape, and has a black grate that covers the internal working. Some people may prefer this design but it’s just a personal preference. The downside of being tall is you can get a lot of coverage. Rather than just hitting your chest or face, that fan can cover everything. That means feeling cooler.

The next big difference is one of verification. It has a touch-screen light-up with four different settings on it (sleep, white noise, refresh, power cool). Basically this is a fancy way to say it has four power settings, but it’s still a nice design. When not used, the light on the touch controls dims again. This is powered by a DC motor, which saves up to 50 percent more power than a regular AC motor. It’s also an oscillating fan, meaning it is going from side to side. It also has a convenient auto turn-off feature – you can set the fan to shut off automatically, perfect if you just want some help falling asleep.

Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan

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The coffee machine Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan than a desk fan. But don’t let that put you off – this is an excellent little product. The cool style comes in five different colors (black, bliss blue, coral blush, midnight blue, and antique white), meaning you can match it to the other gadgets on your desk. It’s not the biggest or most powerful desk fan on this list, but if you’ve arranged it correctly, it still has enough power to cool you down.

The part of the fan moves horizontally, so you can move it easily to blow cool air onto your face or chest. This does not switch from side to side however, which means that it can not be used to circulate the air in the room. To be honest, this size fans aren’t strong enough to move air in a house, so they don’t have to oscillate really. It has two-speed settings, which are operated at the bottom of the fan by a handy little knob. Vortex air circulation, a signature of Vornado, provides enough power for a desk fan.

Aikoper USB Small Table Personal Electric Fan

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This futuristic-looking fan is our selection of best choice on this list. The first thing that you will notice when you take it out of the box is how it looks. The Aikoper USB Small Table Personal Electric Fan with Twin Turbo looks more like part of a space-ship, rather than the traditional fan style. That means it will fit seamlessly into your modern office space, without disrupting your desk’s feng shui. It’s not this list’s most feature-laden desk fan, but the mixture of versatility and beautiful design makes it our favorite.

You plug this fan in using a USB lead instead of a mains power lead. This means you can conveniently attach it to your PC or laptop without having to trail the wires. Telling how powerful it is doesn’t take up much power. It has two velocities that allow you to control the airflow. In addition, it features twin-turbo cyclone technology from Aikoper which provides continuous, powerful airflow. To change that cooling fan’s direction, you simply move the fan’s body. The touch-sensitive stand is another fun little feature-tap it once for the first speed, touch it again for higher speed, and turn it off again.

Holmes 8-Inch Fan | Lil’ Blizzard Oscillating Table Fan

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The next fan on this list has a more modern look. But for the color, you ‘d imagine a desk fan to look just like that. The 8-inch Holmes Lil ‘Blizzard Oscillating Table Fan is everything you want to be a fan, and nothing more. It has two speeds, like the Aikoper USB fan. You can control these with a little dial on the fan’s back handle. That means that there are no unsightly buttons at the front, keeping the interface clean and stylish.

It is a table fan, oscillating. That means either staying in one place or moving from side to side. It has a wider range, so it’s great if you want to cool many people or if you don’t like getting the fan airflow continuously on you. It’s super lightweight, at just 3 lbs, and compact enough to place in your bag and carry along. The only criticism this fan gets is that it’s hard to adjust the fan-you have to reach around the fan ‘s back and change it manually. It takes two hands and can be a little rigid. That’s a minor annoyance but you shouldn’t be taken off the fan.

OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan

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This fan looks pretty similar to the last one, except it has a metal shell. That means the OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Personal Fan can really take a battering, so if you’re the type of person who might drop it down on the floor, it could be a very good option for you. At less than $12, it’s also very cheap, which is why we chose it as our best value desk fan. So, it’s powerful and cheap, but what else is there to sell this USB desk fan?

Okay, its features are very similar to those of the last few fans on this list. It is powered by a 3.9 ft USB cable which means that if you have a USB adaptor you can either plug it into your PC / Laptop or into the main power outlet. Its thin-the frame has a diameter of just 6 inches, so it won’t take up your precious desk space. One feature that sets this fan apart from the other items on this list is the one-year warranty, and Opolar offers customer service 7 days a week. This will put some consumers’ minds at ease, realizing that if something goes wrong they will get it to fix it. The fan angle can be changed easily with one hand, and it’s super quiet.

Arctic-Pro Mini Desk OSCILLATING Tower Fan

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Another tall tower-shaped fan, the Arctic-Pro Mini Desk OSCILLATING Tower Fan. Like the Honeywell HTF210B, it has a tall body and a front grate concealing the inner workings of the fan. The fan’s main feature is how quiet it is. The business boasts a ‘silent operation whisper.’ That makes it the ideal sleeping fan or for people who like working with minimal distractions. It has only two speed settings (low and high), but these two settings provide ample flexibility to work in different environments.

It is an oscillating fan which means it swings by 75 degrees from side to side. This means that you can either have it guided towards you or push around the air circulating space. Artic-Pro offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. They say they are so sure in their goods they don’t mind giving every penny back to customers. Some customers complained it lacks strength, but that’s probably because they’ve bought it expecting a bigger fan. This fan is designed to be placed directly in front of you, on your usual or standing desk. If you do that, there is a lot of strength in it.

Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan

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Vornado has jumped cleverly on the trend of using copper colors to make goods look like a combination of manufacturing and futurism. It is taken from the science fiction steampunk brand. In reality, the Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan looks more modern than industrial but the copper still works. It also comes in three other colors-champagne, ice white, and storm gray-to fit on your desk with the rest of the tech.

Like the last fan, it has the Vortex air circulation signature of Vornado. But it does have three different speed settings, unlike the last fan. That gives you more power choices and makes it a more powerful fan. With your hand, you can switch the fan horizontally and it is easy to push around if you want to alter their location. It has an amazing 6-foot power cable, which makes moving it from your desk to your bed stand very convenient. Plus Vornado gives a 3-year guarantee of satisfaction. This shows they have immense trust in the quality of their goods.

Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

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The last tower-shaped fan in our list is the Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan. It’s a little bit more expensive than many of the fans on this group, but still isn’t going to break the bank when you equate it to larger fans. He will stand on your desk at 14 inches tall without taking up a lot of space at all. The sleek architecture lends itself to a modern office but just about anywhere could blend in.

You can tell the extra quality of this product – the buttons feel fine, the outer-shell is beautifully built, and the fan works very well. It is quieter than most fans, even at its highest level, so when you’re trying to work it won’t cause you much disruption. It has two-speed settings, which are both super quiet. This also oscillates from side to side, which means you can cool several individuals or move the air around you. This is a high-quality desk fan – you ‘re paying a little extra for it, but it’s worth the money.

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Final Thoughts

With the setup of any of these USB fans, as per your convenience, it will be easy to get powerful wind flow in the direction you wish. They can be easily mounted and brought anywhere, based on available space.

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