10 Best Unique Gifts for Men Who Love to Drink Alcohol

Gift shopping can be challenging at the best of times and is usually something you would typically give to the other half to take care of right? However, this time it’s one of your closest buddies marking a milestone moment and you just feel like you could mark the occasion with something deserving of friendship. What are you getting for the guy who has it all, even a penchant for a tipple or two? You would be delighted to have asked because we discover some of the greatest presents for people who enjoy drinking. You name them, cocktails, wines, spirits, we’ve done both of them. Cheers, this.

Best Gifts For Men

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

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Very honestly brilliant little Corkcicle concept that will make the most special and sure present loved by anybody who likes a cold beer or two. This is a very creative way to hold the beer refreshingly cooler for longer, served in a gift package. Simply ice the chillers from the tank and pull them out when your crack opens a fresh bottle of solid favorite brew. They have been built to match the most common long necks of beer and will allow you to appreciate your drink in the cool not warm way it is supposed to. Good so convenient to have at home for events. Chill it somewhere and you do have one extra Chillsner. Ok, you get two Chillsner’s to make sure the brew stays good right up to the very last drink.

Kirin Frozen Beer Slushy Maker Super

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Was there something more relaxing or quenching the thirst than sharing an ice-cold brew on a humid summer day with your mates? When you enjoy your drinks so cold that they become absolutely Baltic, so, in reality, Baltic that they have become frozen beer slushy’s, so this is the unit in which you need to spend now. Crafted by Japanese power brewer, Kirin, it can transform every beer into a frozen boozy whipped delight. The craze for placing a cold cap on your favorite beer began in Tokyo in 2012 when Kirin launched their first specialty beer garden and some LA Dodgers fans may even have seen one, offering ice slushies at their stadium. Now though you can take advantage of proprietary freezing technologies from Kirin and savor the same backyard experience. If you purchase it as a present to a guy who likes to drink, we recommend you carry along their favorite four-pack too! Make sure you search our beer koozies guide for more cool things like this too.

The Carry on Cocktail Kit The Old Fashioned

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Will you consider yourself or meet somebody who’s a bit of a connoisseur of cocktails? Learn your Mojito Margarita but honestly enjoy the zingy ginger hit that Moscow Mule packs? The ultimate prezzie then is this Carry On Drink set. We don’t say Hold On like we think Bring On to the plane with you in the slapstick type British comedy films. If the prospect of another transatlantic flight without your beloved tipple has you breaking out in cold sweats very honestly, then this package has been designed specifically for you. This contains exactly what you need to repair and match two beautifully balanced mid-flight Moscow Mules. Only ask your attendant for a couple of extra vodkas! That always renders the loved ones, great stocking stuffer.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

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This is a brilliant marketing concept combined with creative interface elements for someone who fancies themselves as someone who likes to drink and as a bit of a bourbon aficionado. If you enjoy your beloved whiskey’s chilled dram but realize that watered down is just all kinds of faults, then the whiskey wedge is an utter must. The Corcicle Whiskey Wedge is crafted from silicone and built to produce the ice slither in the ultimate glacier form. With you, no more rapidly melting “on the ground,” just a gradual and steady release of the chilled. An advanced device that you use to boost all sorts of drinks after dinner liqueur-like whiskey, scotch, whiskey, tequila, or your favorite one.A perfect present for lovers of bourbon, and a real piece of conversation too. For more cool things like this, be sure to check out our roundup of the best ice cube trays.

Fizzics Waytap Beer Dispenser

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Ever imagine your hand pulling pints behind a bar but actually the day job pays too much to justify moonlighting? So you’ll appreciate this Fizzics Waytap which will allow you to expertly pour a premium beer draft, brewery style, right from the convenience of your own house. You can set it up on your counter and open your own bar indoors! With the Fizzics technology, you get your favorite beer’s full-bodied taste and aroma beautifully produced each time with just the right head on top too. Both 12-25 oz. Fully compact and fully compliant. Cans 12 oz. If you’re hiking, tailgating or just getting mates over for socializing, experience the bottle as though it were really on deck. Once a great gift proposal has done to success for someone who enjoys their brew. Want a commodity like this? Check out our summary of our top choices for the best kegerators.

Drinking Games Book

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When you know somebody who wants to mix their love of alcohol with their love of having fun than this collection of drinking games is a great pick of over 25 different titles. What you need to do is collect the booze and be able the next morning to treat your way to an ever-powerful hangover. As the night progresses as you carry out more of the tasks in this book, your abilities can start to get out of the window as well as your memory as stamina, so pick your games carefully and maybe start the night with some that need more expertise when you still have half a chance to put in a show! Founded by UK author and writer Dominic Bliss who has written for publications like GQ and Financial Times, there are loads of enjoyable drinking games and challenges from traditional card games including Ring of Fire to a thorough rundown on how to properly play a decent Beer Pong game. As we mentioned earlier, send the book a treat but don’t skip either a bottle of their preferred tipple.

30 Watt Llc Blue CAN Holder

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Know anyone who enjoys a nice hot soak in the bath or tub with a cold drink on the hand at the end of a hard day? The best present will then be this Sudski Bath and Shower Bottle keeper. Set-up and deployment couldn’t be smoother, so in just 24 hours you could fall into the bath and get a drink without thinking about falling and winding up with you in the bathtub. Hold the lather away from the smaller kids-or vice versa! You may like some extra bubbles, but not the variety of beers. There’s no need for suction pads or adhesive with their proprietary grip technology. It’s lightweight and long-lasting and you’ll be a bath time brew buddy! Just don’t take too long in there or your beer may get wet. This is a perfect gift for beer lovers.

BACtrack Vio Smartphone Keychain Breathalyzer

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Drinking wisely is the watchword here for this innovative and compact keychain tool that enables you to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) reliably and can also show the time period in which it is expected to revert to the content of 0.00 percent, enabling you to be fully in charge of making rational choices regarding the activity. This is super fast and quick to use and is compliant with most smartphones. It even comes on a keychain really convenient and you can carry it with you everywhere. This machine may potentially be a lifesaver, but from a general safety and wellbeing viewpoint, it is also extremely important to be more conscious of the amounts of alcohol that we are drinking. This is really the best handheld tool to check on the go. The BACtrack Vio connects to a free BACtrack device via Bluetooth, to either iOS or Android devices. When paired you’ll have exposure to a handheld Breathalyzer police classification that can help you drive better and more safely. You should even save the reports and hold a record of your alcohol consumption continuously. Note, might be you’re in for a little surprise! Only tell!

Drip Drop ORS 4 Powder Packs Berry

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There’s no reason to coy in here. You are in fine practice. We have just already been there on one too many occasions. Fantastic evening, plenty of good luck and wasted, only to wake up the next morning with a mouth more parched than the Sahara Desert and sound like the bottom of the cage of a budgerigar! You need to rehydrate, and immediately do it! Now if you were in Las Vegas, you would just be able to travel down the strip and get intravenously hooked up to a supersonic rehydration infusion that will have you back in the saddle in no time, albeit with a fairly big price tag to suit. Drip Drop Hydration Powder might just be the path back to normality for the majority of us. Essentially it’s a science-based, fantastic drinking recipe that offers 2-3 times more electrolytes than other sports drinks recovery style and can easily help absorb those precious dehydration-related missing fluids. Probably in your situation so who are we to determine if last night you had just too many bevies. Aside from teasing, however, dehydration is a severe global issue, and Drop Drip hydration powder is doing its best to solve it. We promise that in next to no time you would be happy for a dog’s fur, last night’s escapades put really deeply onto your mind’s back. Keep it handy and when appropriate dump it into your water glass.

Stubby Strip Original Neoprene Bottle or Can Holder

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This neoprene bottle is only right for the guy who likes to drink and socialize in equal measure and can always be found around a campfire relating a tale or two or hanging out in a sporting arena or concert hall, happily sharing his beer supply with his friends. Using it for picnics, beach trips, and all kinds of other outdoor activities where you may want to enjoy a cold beer or three. Made of a solid neoprene fiber, it often works as insulation very well, making your beverages warmer for longer. Handy if you’re at a sports event that’s long dragged out and start feeling a little bit sweaty under the neck. This will hold up to 7 cold beverages so even the most enthusiastic and experienced skilled drinkers among you will be more than adequate. No more diving inside a bucket to catch the last container that is still frozen in water that was once cold. Uniquely built, just inside the stubby line, put your stockpile and let it do the hard work. Tension keeps the cans or bottles together and the balance is handled through friction and you don’t even have to think about losing your precious container.

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Final Thoughts

Given that an aging liquor cycle is an art form, storing the painstakingly produced liquor in a well-designed decanter is only appropriate.

The gift receiver can love the sight of the Hand-Blown Handmade Decanter made by professional craftspeople. The glass decanter is constructed of durable, lead-free material, while its wooden foundation is crafted with durability and elegance in mind.

The liquor contained in the decanter does not evaporate owing to the ground glass stopper, which firmly screws the decanter. Not a drop of liquor would be lost this way. The beautiful decanter will add an elegant mood to a group.

There are several ways to spend a drinking spree weekend, and a selection of gift pieces will make things more fun for an alcohol-loving person.

Choose one from the list and send it as a birthday present, and each time you meet at a happy hour anticipate his appreciation.

I hope you can consider the suggestions for the presents above that will help you out.

Will you have some buddy asking for the gifts of alcohol? Share suggestions with them about these presents so they can locate the perfect presents of alcohol for him.

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