10 Best Tea Makers in 2021 – Buying Guide

Due to the much more common and much more immediately successful coffee Tea is often ignored as a wonder drink. But for thousands of years tea has been drunk and has a long history of doing a lot of good that coffee, juice and supposed health drinks can’t hold a candle to. If you’ve ever spent time in England or China then you will undoubtedly understand the culture surrounding tea brewing and this culture has permeated and transformed into a phenomenon around the world. If you’ve been searching for the perfect cup of tea but haven’t found any tools yet to do it, we’ve assembled this list of the best tea makers for you to finally get what you’ve been searching for.

Breville BTM800XL One-Touch Tea Maker

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When it comes to an automatic tea maker, our selection for the best choice, the world-famous Breville brand has brought you convenience, simplicity, and efficiency all in one handy and helpful little product.

Brewing good tea, and not just dropping a tea bag into a mug, we say good tea and waiting is an art form in itself. You have to get the steep temperature right, you have to let the leaves breathe, you have to take the teabag out at the right moment. It sounds straightforward but the science behind it is much more than you would think.

The One-Touch Tea Maker from Breville does all of that for you. You can choose a form of tea, its strength, and how long you want it to brew and sit back and relax until you have reached your optimum tea. This doesn’t over-steep your darker teas and it also brings out the green tea flavor as you’ve never felt before. Check out our list of top pod coffee machines too for more great things like this.

Gourmia GTP9815 Tea & Coffee Pot Glass Loose Leaf Tea Maker

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The Gourmia GTP9815 Tea and Coffee Maker ‘s unique design and performance is the dream come true of every tea or coffee lover. It is the ideal addition to the selection of appliances in the kitchen that you really can’t do without. The body of this multi-purpose product is constructed with an extra thick and durable borosilicate glass with double-wall insulation and an airtight lid with a simple, clean silicone ring to keep your drink hot for a longer period of time. It has a stainless steel lid and mesh filter enclosed by the clear Carafe so that you can monitor each stage of the brewing. Just sit by and keep your fingers crossed, watching your Gourmia transform your coffee grounds into the perfect ‘joe’ cup whenever you want.

In addition, the steel lid and mesh ensure you are able to extract the most from the leaves and still get the smoothest brew of tea. The machine is very compact and lightweight which makes it suitable for the sideboard of the home kitchen or office. With the non-slip silicone bottom and the easy-grip handle made from a black plastic material, it can be safely maneuvered from one point to another.

KitchenAid KEK1322SS Electric Glass Tea Kettle

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Our premium option is 1.5 liters of inspiration by KitchenAid. The glass is premium Schott DURAN glass that can last longer than your average jug with bumps, high heats, and general wear and tear. It comes with 5 specialty tea settings designed to retain the flavor and aromas of every tea that will give your nose an idea of what the first cup of tea smells like all those thousands of years ago.

KitchenAid Electric Glass will also keep your tea warm if you’ve drunk so much that you just need a little break and boil in minutes if you’re on the impatient side whilst still delivering great-tasting tea each time.

Gourmia GDK290 Electric Glass Tea Kettle

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Gourmia Wireless Electric Tea Kettle features a plunging chamber for having the finest and most tasty tea you’ve only tasted in your dreams before. A simple-to-use electric tea maker to save you stress after a long day, it has all the equipment for a great tea maker.

It also looks good and is convenient for you, as well as performing to a high standard, with a cordless carry feature meaning you can bring it to and from the kitchen without fumbling around with cables. The water also boils quickly so that as soon as you get back from work, you can turn it on and have it all ready for you by the time you get out of those work clothes and become something less restrictive.

Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker

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Perfect Tea Maker is a major argument, but Teavana ‘s product is great for tea purists who enjoy their loose-leaf drinks and return to a simpler period in the tea making world. This is done through a drain system that strains the tea all the while coming at a great price for the finest and most authentic flavor and is without all those keys, switches, and cords that can get in the way of electric hot tea makers.

Yeah, this isn’t electric, but that’s all right. This always does the job, and is so easy to use that you can sometimes unintentionally find yourself making tea. The plastic jug comes with a four-piece instruction manual for details on how to clean it up. It is as simple and straightforward as much about this tea maker.

Teapot with Infuser for Loose Tea – 40oz

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Each of these heat-resistant teapots looks fine and brew nice. Its design can inspire the grandma’s house memories while its stainless steel infuser brings a touch of comfort to the table. It is made of tough borosilicate glass, which at first glance may appear lightweight and delicate, but can actually withstand some (okay most) clumsiness.

Camellia Teapot is a great choice for herbal tea fans and will hold more than two mugs, which is great for the tea fanatics out there (and why would you read this if you weren’t one?) and can also be placed over a hot pot to boil the water without worrying about cracking if you need to heat it up, to make sure you can warm your tea to the content of your heart without worrying about it.

Gourmia GTC8000 Electric Square Tea Maker

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What do I even watch? That’s exactly what you might ask right now. We know the Gourmia Electric Square looks more like a wifi router but it’s really an electric tea maker (which for those groggy early mornings, doubles as a coffee maker). That’s not a photograph on the side either but the brewer himself, and for your convenience it comes with 4 pre-programmed brewing settings.

The chamber is made of both glass and stainless steel to provide the longest lasting product possible and is designed with iTea Boil to Brew technology that delivers unparalleled results for loose-leaf brews every single time.

It’s tiny enough not to take up too much space while still giving you enough tea for a few mugs and your tea can last three times longer due to its steeper design. Your traditional brewer will probably not be scoffing at his design by any means and purists, but if he does the job then who cares?

Brewista, Electric Kettle, Black

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A stylish and versatile smart electric kettle that is suited to any modern kitchen in the world. Brewista Smart Brew comes with programmable settings to arrange your first cup the night before in the morning and has a large water capacity allowing for longer tea.

There’s also a warm-up option that allows you to leave your brewed tea at 160 F for you to come back later when you get out for the day, but that doesn’t affect your taste and will guarantee a nice teacup every time.

At the heart, there’s an easy-to-read control panel that comes with adjustable steep times ranging from 30 seconds to 8 minutes, giving you your ideal cup of tea no matter how you prefer. Don’t forget to check out our best kombucha starter kits guide too.

GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker and Tea Press

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The Grosche French Press is a fantastic little product built with fantastic care and attention to detail to make it a perfect little addition to any kitchen. It looks fine, fits easily on either shelf, cupboard or counter and is lightweight enough to move around, even when loaded, without fear of spills.

Although primarily a coffee maker, it can still be used to make tea if that is your preferred drink and can be used for a more authentic experience with loose leaves. It comes with a double filter located on both the lid and the press feature which will make your beverage hotter for longer.

It’s sturdy, well crafted, and perhaps most importantly easy to clean so you never have to worry about pre-drinking residue that changes your tea taste. The plunger was designed to remove as much flavor as possible so that every single time you get a great mug of tea. Check out our mug warmers to find more great products like this.

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Buying Guide of Tea Maker

Ease Of Cleaning – Tea makers handle quite a lot, as they are very often used. For this reason, certain build-ups continue to leave debris. What’s more, tea stain spots can become an issue that’s why it’s important to go for those appliances that have easily removable components that are easy to clean and wash.

Capacity – The efficiency of the machine will be determined by your family size, or the number of people to serve with the coffee maker. Large-scale families will prefer larger volumes while a more compact portable tea maker is better for single users.

Size – Small size tea makers make it easy to move and carry, especially for outdoor use such as camping.

Preset Programs – Preset programs for greater accuracy when it comes to brewing tea. That includes the exact brew type at the time specified. This feature also saves time as it allows you to focus on other activities that require attention.

Price – Price comes with quality, and the higher prices are generally paid for by the more efficient and quality tea makers.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, thanks to its nutritional value and affordability, many tea lovers enjoy taking it daily. If you fall under this group then it’s time to grab any of the tea makers described above, outlined and reviewed to help you steep delicious tea. It is equally worthwhile paying less for quality assured safety and efficiency.

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