10 Best Espresso Machines Review and Buying Guide in 2020

With drip filters, French presses, milk frothers, and stovetop espresso makers, coffee lovers start innocently enough; but then next thing you know, they’re searching amazon with all the bells and whistles for full-on espresso machines. If you have reached the coffee addiction stage, don’t worry, we’re here for you.

We’ve learned everything you need to know about buying a brilliant new espresso machine for your home and we’ve combed through hundreds of machines through the details and feedback so you don’t have to. Before we get into the best espresso machines you can buy for your home, let’s look at all the key terms and information you need to know in order to make an informed purchase.

What Kind of Espresso Machines are there?

In this world, there are two types of espresso machines: steam-driven. There are two types of steam-driven machines: stovetop espresso makers such as Bialetti Moka express machines and pump-free electric machines. Neither is included in this buying guide, but here you can read everything about our favorite stovetop espresso makers.

According to the coffee lounge, pump-driven machines are much more popular and there are more varieties falling below that umbrella.

Manual Lever Pump: It works just as you would imagine-you pump the espresso manually, without the help of electricity, by hand.

Semi-Automatic Pump: Here, before turning on the computer, you’ll grind the beans and tamp them into the tank. You then pump the button to turn it on until the water turns black and turn it off at that level.

Automatic Pumps: This tool also helps you to grind and tamp the beans into the portafilter. To brew the espresso, the machine must automatically switch on and go off again.

Electronic Pump: You set the right temperature with this type of machine and electricity pumps the espresso for you.

Top 25 Best Espresso Machines

Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

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This rebooted prototype of Barista Express is our overall winner from the vast array of espresso machines we reviewed. It depends on a variety of factors including price-performance ratio and usability overall.

Even though the Breville has little space on the kitchen counter, you’ll get everything you need for the finest espresso. The 15 bar pump shakes out lots of pressure and you get things started the right way with a conical burr grinder onboard. Dose management makes it possible to brew consistency and very little trouble.

Control of temperature also means that you can dial in without having to tinker around. PID engineering automatically keeps the heat balanced.

With the integrated steamer, you will need to manually take care of frothing up milk, but this will give you more control over in this process, so don’t look at it as a bad thing.

Finished in brushed stainless steel, in a package that wouldn’t look out of place in a coffee shop, you’ll get lifespan and aesthetics. Nonetheless, the best news of all? Even though it’s not exactly cheap, it won’t run you as much as a commercial machine, and every time you get gourmet results.

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

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If you are an espresso fiend on a lower budget, don’t worry … Mr. Coffee delivers consistently top-notch coffee equipment at attractive price point, the Barista Café is a fine example of this.

You will also be able to rack up latte and cappuccino as well as a 15-bar pump to deliver crema-rich espresso machines that you love in the morning so there is something for all times of the day and the whole family.

Depending on how much of a kick you need, you can dial in the espresso variables to get a single or double shot. Operation is super-simple with one-touch dials that make the adjustment a breeze even though you’re not a tech fan. All you have to do is add coffee soil, water (and milk if necessary).

The milk frother is automatic and for cleaning purposes, like the water tank, it slips out easily. If you want the best espresso don’t want to waste on longer, frothy coffees and you don’t have to invest much, we can’t strongly recommend the Barista Café.

DeLonghi America Dedica Deluxe espresso

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Our best pump espresso machine comes from the DeLonghi stalwart and packs for consistent top-tier shots the required 15 bar pressure.

Temperature is central to great espresso, and every time the Thermo block system keeps it spot-on. Heating is remarkably fast in well under a minute and it’s permanently ready to roll in your cup of coffee before you’ve had time to sit down because of America’s self-primes.

You will also appreciate the flexibility of making longer milky coffees and on-demand hot water is great for teas and other favorite infusions.

Design is top with a sleek chromed-out finish and a slim footprint which means you get heavyweight results without having to crowd out your kitchen with a huge chunk of metal.

You will be able to customize the levels of frothing for latte and cappuccino as well as the levels of steam when you want a hot espresso piping so you can experience a coffee shop for far less than you might imagine. There’s also a nifty little feature on America called a flow stop so you can pour just as much as you like instead of depending on pre-sets.

For aesthetics, quality and value from a brand that you can trust, check out DeLonghi’s America and you’ll see why so many loyal fans are drawn by this maker.

DELONGHI Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Stepping up the DeLonghi range as far as price and size are concerned, the Magnifica is a class-leading super-automatic system for any home kitchen.

A direct-to-brew system, you can blitz your beans with the onboard grinder, part of the battle won when you aim for the best espresso, to the preferred consistency. You can get enough coffee in the container for up to 14 cups, as well as simple push-buttons and rotary controls. As far as the grind size is concerned, you will have a full 13 settings.

With the aptly named Magnifica without the need for chemical cleaning tablets and easy care, you can get the taste of espresso without the hassle. Intelligent programming means that once you have to practice, the DeLonghi will do the hard work for you.

You can also make cappuccino and latte with the manual frothing system together with espresso, so you’re spoiled for choice. A single or double espresso is available when a button is pressed. Program in your latte, cappuccino or Americano, and for increased flexibility, you can also get hot water.

DeLonghi Manual Espresso Machine

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If you felt you couldn’t get less than a hundred dollars worth of a valuable espresso machine, you’d be mistaken. Not only that, but you know you’re in safe hands, you can get a DeLonghi.

There’s a little more plastic on show than the more expensive models in the line, but at this price point, you’re expecting some sacrifices. And the consistency of coffee in your cup is what you don’t need to compromise on. That’s the only metric that really counts, after all.

It is independently regulated by self-priming and always ready for action, water, and steam. Whether you like cappuccino with everything is taken care of by a single oversized button, you’ll get some extra froth thrown in.

The espresso pump kicks out the fifteen bar of pressure needed for the perfect crema. The manual frothing wand helps you to adjust the drink just as you like it if you’re looking to make longer coffee.

While this may not be the most glamorous of espresso and cappuccino machines, the DeLonghi will not be disappointed if you are on a limited budget but want to recreate the coffee shop experience at home.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine

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There is something about the immediacy of single-serve pod systems that can overshadow their weaknesses in some way. The Essenza Mini makes perfect sense if you are pre-sold on the concept of a Nespresso machine and don’t mind the price of the pods or their environmental footprint.

Finished in a striking red, this machine is ideal for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

The capable pump is rated at 19 bars up the ante on the front pressure so you’ll get a great espresso with simplicity push-button. You can choose from a short espresso or lungo, and if you want a cold burst on a hot summer day, you can also serve over ice.

With water heating in 30 seconds flat to the optimal temperature and a nifty energy-saving feature that cuts power after 9 minutes, you can operate safely without worrying about a rampant power bill.

Nespresso pods give you a fairly wide selection, but this may be limited, particularly if you insist on a specific bean and consider it unavailable in the form of a pod.

Flair Espresso Maker

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If you’re looking for something completely different and want to take full responsibility for each stage of the brewing process, this Flair manual espresso maker is a classic in the making process.

You can choose the model we tested from the machine alone, including a stainless steel tamper or a complete bundle that comes with an extra head to brew 2 espressos at the same time.

If in a moment you’re looking for coffee, it’s not the best fit at all. Unless, on the other hand, you love tinkering in search of the ideal espresso for you with the brewing variables, it is delivered in fine fashion.

To get your beans ready for action, you’ll need a grinder, then just operate the manual press and you’ll get an espresso shot in well under a minute.

Except on the bottom of the piston, there is no plastic, and this is BPA-free and you won’t have any problems with taint or safety.

If you want a real piece of conversation in the kitchen and a personalized espresso in your cup every morning, you’re going to have real fun with the flair and we can’t get it back fast enough.

Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Stepping things back to super-automatic status is a myth for the Gaggia Brera and our search for the best unit in the class.

It’s a sleek yet utilitarian look. There’s a stainless steel wall broken up with black plastic, but it’s not in places where it comes in contact with your drink.

The LED screen allows you to see what you need at a glance and user-friendly push-button controls make it a cinch for operation. If you want milky coffees rather than a vigorous espresso, you will get an integrated frothing wand and you can make them with relatively little fanfare to your specific taste.

Use either whole beans or pre-ground coffee with the onboard ceramic burr grinder. The computer senses what you are using and accordingly kicks into the gear. The water reservoir and dreg container can be removed from the front, and the brew group slips off to streamline cleaning as well.

The adaptable program learns how to like your coffee and replicates the drink with no effort whatsoever to minimize user input and maximize your enjoyment. The Gaggia is a sterling example of why super-automatic machines remain enduringly popular among espresso lovers who prize convenience for a shotgun method of delivering espresso or longer drinks without leaving home.

Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

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Breville’s Infuser is a stainless steel wall that packs a lot of functionality and does not cost the earth either. This gets our vote hands-down for a combined espresso, latte and cappuccino maker.

The water temperature is controlled by stainless steel coils–pivotal with espresso. The 1600-watt heating system comes with an auto-purge function that constantly adjusts the temperature to the optimum espresso. The pump is 9-bar with a pre-infusion and low-pressure combination resulting in a sweet and crema-rich shot.

Volumetric control is a smooth touch so you can dial things into your precise taste without getting bogged down every time.

There is a generous selection of packaged products. You’ll get a pair of filter baskets (single and double), a measuring scoop, stainless steel jar, cleaning devices, and tablets, and a water filter to provide you with everything you need for perfect coffee except the beans!

If you want more than espresso, you can also move the manual steam wand into practice to get your perfect latte or cappuccino. This is not automatic, don’t be disappointed, as you will maintain complete control over frothing and you can immaculately tailor your longer drinks.

Breville’s Infuser needs some pounding for a decent machine to make latte and cappuccino by itself.

Breville Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Breville Oracle Touch isn’t for you if you’re looking for a cheap espresso machine. However, if you want a hard-hitting all-rounder to automatically make latte and cappuccino, read on… The Oracle Touch is fully automatic with an intuitive and responsive touch screen that gives you superb functionality without making things too complicated. It has never been easier to make coffee at home, from espresso and a strong, long black to flat white, latte and cappuccino.

Due to a commercial feature dropped in this home machine in the form of an overhead pressure valve, water pressure is limited. Pre-infusion administered with ultra-low pressure optimizes recovery as the pressure increases slowly. Kiss goodbye to over-extraction and bitterness when you join a great drink every time.

There is a conical burr grinder built-in and it takes care of everything from grinding and dosing to tamping without having to lift your hand. It is this automation that justifies the stiff price tag in some way. Another example of this automatic machine punching over its weight is the self-cleaning steam wand.

The Oracle Touch is a line-topping beauty from Breville worthy of a place in any home kitchen if you’re hunting for a quality coffee shop machine giving you a choice of the drinks you love with almost no user input. You’re not going to be disappointed if you can afford it.


We very much hope that you enjoyed as much as we enjoyed compiling this comprehensive guide to the best espresso machines on the market.

We have tried to cover all the main bases so that whatever your plan, favorite drinks and planned use, you can easily get the best kit and use it properly.

There’s absolutely no set solution, and you’re much better off focusing on your specific needs than worrying about which machine your friend is using or which one your local coffee shop is using.

Get things right and for years to come you will end up with a faithful companion. Rush into it, and it might take you a little bit more time to rue.

If you need to clear up anything at all, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are very responsive to messages and are pleased to assist in any way we can.

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